Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

Wearing $5 Clothes From Wish For A Week

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  1. THE NEW INTRO SONG it's aliiiiive! haha u guys wanted me to use it, so i did! maybe i'll keep using it for these internet hauls, eh? Tune in for one last post-vidcon collab this weekend :). Much love, Saf

  2. Bruhhh I ordered a 25 pack of alcohol based markers and they arrived with only 2 markers SBSJHVBJ HV
    I will never order from wish again, hands down.

  3. You typed it wrong ill correct you: 5$ Wish Clothing For A Week Seven Days Wish Clothes Haul Clothing Week 5$ 7 Seven Days

  4. In defence of the demon pants, nowhere in their title does it describe them as "sweat pants" (shockingly!) 😂

  5. I took a chance and ordered some things on wish. I guess in the back of my mind, I thought I might never get the items. So far, they trickle in, pretty good timing too. I started with a pair of jogger pants, the fabric was knit, but my daughter took them from me. A little short also for 5'5". Super cute wedge sandles, good fit, good quality, good price. Got a set of bluetooth ear pods, instructions are not helpful, but I figured it out and they are great. Phone tripod with a shutter remote, very cool, works great. Still waiting on a few more items to come so I can start ordering from my wish list! Be carefule, this site is addictive. All in all, I'm pretty pleased so far. The shoes are by far my fav, I'm ordering a similar style hoping I love them just as much.

  6. LOL! All my videos are of WISH APP products.. so far everything was free and I paid shipping.. the jewelry is sturdy but the clothes are AWFUL!! 😂

  7. Wish Reviews: This came super small. It isn't an off the shoulder shirt, it's a plain white t-shirt.

    No one:

    Absolutely No one in the whole world:

    Saf: I'm gonna size up

  8. I had bad luck with all their clothes. I sized up and they were still too small and made of. SUPER cheap fabric. I had better luck with all the shoes I have ordered from them.

  9. I’ve gotten into wish & the free items & other items r great. Haven’t bought any clothes yet. Waiting on a pair of red boots for granddaughter. Hope they fit.

  10. do you own an iron ? so you can iton your clothes out ? maybe and not go out in the streets with wrinkled clothes ?

  11. Had gotten a wig from wish…..and it was the worst thing i had ever gotten. it was super thin, the hair would fall out in clumps, and it had some strange smell too.

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