– Hey, guys! Before this video starts, I wanted to remind you
that I’m going back on tour and today, we added another date. So if you guys live in the LA area, please come to see my show
and leave a comment below. Tell me what other cities
we should add to this tour. I’ll see you guys there. Get tickets before they’re gone. Goodbye! What’s up guys, I’m Colleen Ballinger. And of course, right when I start filming, there’s a bunch of leaf blowers
right outside my window. What a beautiful sound. So please ignore that, I apologize. Oh my god, it’s really freaking loud. Is that a jackhammer? Next door, there is a man mowing the lawn and a leaf blower happening right in the lawn nextdoor
to mine so sorry about that. Before we get started with this video, I wanted to let you guys
know that I have new merch. Yay!
(crowd cheering) I’m so excited! A while ago, I tweeted out, “I really wanna make new
merch, but like I’m tired.” And a bunch of you said you
should put that on a shirt. So I made it, check it out the link below. The sweatshirt’s actually
really soft, I love it. And if you want, you can get one and we can match and be really
cute and be tired together, so it’s really cool. I asked you guys on Instagram a while ago what kind of videos you
wanted to see from me. And shockingly, a lot of
people requested this video. Now, I haven’t heard of this
video, but I’m sure a bunch of people have done it on YouTube before. But basically what it is is I wear my husband’s clothes for a week. So that’s what I’m gonna do. Now if you guys watch my channel at all, you know that my husband, my mans, he does not like to really
be on the internet very much. He likes to keep his
personal life personal as much as he can, especially dating someone
who is so out there. And yes, I still say dating
because we are still dating. Just because you’re married, doesn’t mean that you don’t get
to have a boyfriend anymore. He’s still literally my
boyfriend, so get over yourself. Though he’s not in a lot of my videos, but this is a way that he can
be incorporated in a video without being really in the video, so I thought this would be fun. Plus, he has way better style than I do, so I actually feel like
I’ll end up looking cuter than I do in normal life. Let’s get started. Okay, guys, so I’m headed into the closet. I told Erik that he
could pick out my outfits for the most part of this video,
but he’s not home right now so I’m gonna pick out the first one. Look at this corner, by the way. This used to be like a
super cool hipster corner that Erik designed, and
then Erik has gotten so into getting stuff for the baby that he actually put this in
and bought a bunch of balloons ’cause our baby likes balloons, so our hipster corner has
turned into a baby corner. Love that for me. All right, let’s go into the closet. Oh gosh, it’s kind of a mess in here. So here’s some of Erik’s clothes. I dunno (burping). Okay, so the first outfit I
have chosen is this shirt, which I think has recently been worn because it’s inside out. It smells good. This shirt, it says Coffee
Collectivo Since 1993 and I feel like he wears
this shirt pretty often. And these pants. They’re camo pants. I think they’ll fit me,
they’re size medium in men’s. I’m assuming that’s about
the size I am right now because she got a little
extra cushion for the pushin’ if you know what I’m sayin’. Most moms are like, oh, I’ve
gotta get off this baby weight. And they’re exercising
and doing all this stuff and I literally haven’t done anything, so I think I’m just gonna
live with my new body because this new body made
a baby so I’m down for it. But it is a lot bigger than
the old body that I had, but I don’t wanna exercise, so. (scoffs) All right, I’m gonna put this stuff on and go through the day, see how it goes. Oh, I have to pick shoes! Erik doesn’t wear these, but they’re in his closet,
so I’m gonna wear them. Let’s do this. What do you guys think? It’s actually really comfortable. The shirt’s obviously a little
big, but the pants kinda fit. I think I could rock these pants. All right, time to go about
my day wearing Erik’s clothes. The shoes are gonna be
problematic, but I’ll live. Let’s go. Okay, so it’s been a few hours and I’ll say the shoes did not last long. I was probably wearing
the shoes for 15 minutes and I was like, no, so those are gone. I will say, so far, I don’t understand why I haven’t been wearing
boys’ clothes this entire time. I mean, whatever boys’ clothes means. Let’s get rid of those
gender stereotypes, y’all. You can wear whatever you
want, thank you very much. But I wouldn’t say the
pants are super comfortable, but this shirt, I mean, it is so cozy. The material’s so soft. I might be stealing some
of his clothes after this. Sorry, Erik. The only big issue I’m
seeing for this week for me, these clothes are not
good for breastfeeding because I can’t just whip out the boob. I literally am gonna
have to take off my shirt every single time I wanna breastfeed, which is super annoying,
but you know what? I can make a sacrifice for the
internet, so you’re welcome. Okay, we have look number two. Erik picked this one out. He was insistent that he pick
out the rest of my outfits so this is what I’m lookin’
like, and I’m wearing my shoes ’cause we’re about to walk to get food. But they’re the closest shoes I have to something Erik would wear,
they’re just white Vans. – You look cool! – I look like you! This is a typical dad on the go. These pants keep falling down. They’re chafing my crotch. Is this what you go deal with every day? – [Erik] You gotta adjust. – Adjust my crotch? What do I do? There’s nothing to adjust! One of my flaps? (Erik laughing) I got hot, so I took off the jacket, and now it looks really dumb. It looks cooler with the jacket on. – [Erik] No, you look hot. – Do I look like a dad on the go? Two super dads equals one sleeping baby. Super dad! Do I look skinny in this outfit? Do these pants make my butt look big? Let’s go. (light groovy music) (record scratches) Hi, I’m Erik and I’m breastfeeding my son. Do I look like you? This, I feel like looks like you. This is how you dress every day. I mean, minus the baby on my boob. Yeah, this is your gym look. You wear this every day to work out. Your vintage shirt, that
probably very expensive. Luckily, the shirt is really ripped and large on the sides so
I can breastfeed easily. – [Erik] Is that what you’re
doing, you just pulled it over? – Yeah, I just pulled it over. I also really need to poop right now. I legit have to poop so bad. Can I poop while I’m breastfeeding? I’m actually shocked I
haven’t done that yet. – [Erik] Breastfeeding him while you’re sitting on the toilet? – Yeah, pooping! Aren’t you shocked I
haven’t done that yet? All right, what do you do? I don’t workout. I don’t know how this goes.
– Do some yoga. – Yoga? What do you do? All I know is this one. Is this a thing? – [Erik] Yeah, now lift
your right arm up to the sky and look up to the ceiling. There you go. – That’s how I do yoga. This kinda stuff. So many things to do with your legs. (Colleen screams) Ow, that hurts! – [Erik] Can you give me some pushups? – I literally can’t do a single pushup. These shoes are gonna fall. I can’t do one. I’ll do one with my knees. I can’t even do it with my knees! (Erik laughs) I see Erik doing these in the morning and he’s like, (grunting
and clapping) like that. I can’t even do one on my knees. That’s how horribly out of shape I am. What do you do with these things? – [Erik] Yeah, stand up. – Like that? I have a 15-pound baby,
this ain’t nothin’. – [Erik] You’re me! – Gotta even it out. Oh, I definitely don’t
hold him on this side. Okay, I’ve had enough. So Erik has an audition tomorrow
and he’s gonna wear this ’cause he’s supposed to be a business man who deals with IT tech things. I’m gonna practice my lines. You’re me, okay? I’m you. Okay, ready? Can you believe this? I got an audition today of all days? – [Erik] (laughing) I hate you. – I’m not this guy! I can’t (laughing). I can’t play this guy! Do I look like this guy? Eight pages! (both laughing) Nobody talks like this,
except you say talks and then you go like this. (soft groovy music) – [Erik] I don’t! (Erik Laughing) – You go like this. I walk in the room and you go like this. (soft groovy music) (both laughing) – [Erik] No, I don’t! – Yeah, you do. (both laughing) All right, hello. This is what Erik has chosen for me today. Although, I wear this
shirt more than Erik does, but it’s fine. This is his super dad outfit. Yah! (calming music) Super dad with a baby on the floor. Hi baby! This is how Erik plays with the baby. Oh! Hello, baby, I am a robot. (playfully cheering) He’s like, where’s Daddy? This is an imposter! Erik does a lot of (playfully cheering) (baby cooing) Yeah! He’s like, why does Daddy
smell like breast milk? (baby crying) I love you. (baby cries) Yeah! What else does Erik do? He go, “You want him?” (both laughing) – [Erik] I don’t. – He doesn’t like me in your clothes. Your clothes are stiff! He’s used to my cozy pajamas. This is how dad holds the baby. He loves it! Does he look fat? – [Erik] This is the
biggest drop of drool. – Ah, that’s my succulent,
Sarah and Sarah Part Two. This is my succulent, James Charles. He’s higher than all the other succulents. He’s on another level, that’s
why he’s named James Charles. This is Big Dick Derek. (both laughing) – [Erik] Big Dick Derek? – This is Four Flap Sarah. You have so many succulents! So here is my thyme,
not wasted, we use it. Get it? Mimes, what’s that? – Olive.
– Olive? And rosemary. Oh my god, more succulents! What do you know? This is my succulent, Eduardo with spider webs all over it. Is this a thing you like? Is it supposed to have
spider webs all over it? – Yeah.
– It is? Is that part of the plant? Is that spiderwebs? That’s disgusting! You like this? That’s a spider web! That’s not spiderwebs? – No, like plant.
– That’s plant? That’s like a black widow web. All right so, this is
what I’m wearing today. (playful whooshing) Okay guys, Erik’s been
picking all my outfits. I picked the outfit today
and I’m doing his pajamas! – His panties! He wears these to bed every night. We’ve got some, what are these? Calvin Klein and a t-shirt,
but he has a process. I’m gonna show you. Here, can you hold this? He goes to bed like this,
but he has a process. I’m gonna show you my pregnancy
tummy, so don’t judge me. This comes off to this and
then he sleeps like this. And then by the time he wakes up, it’s like this, like a necklace, ’cause he puts it over his
face to hide the light. And that’s his process. I’m sick of wearing your clothes
that aren’t as comfortable, so today I’m wearing your pajamas. This is very on-brand for me
to wear pajamas for the day so I’m very excited. Let’s get in bed! Pajama day! Pajama day! This is the best day by far. You should just wear this every day. It’s the most coziest. Just walk around in your choners. – Have you guys heard the word choners? – Choners is underwear! Does no one say choners? My mom has always called
underwear choners. Like, oh, you’re walkin’
around in your choners. – Well, that, I know is weird. I call it a chi-chi. Yeah, I call a remote a chi-chi
and underwear is a choner. I thought everyone was like, oh, those are your choners, like your underwear is your choners. Leave a comment. Do you call them choners? Is that just my family? I thought you’d just never heard of it, I didn’t know that wasn’t universal. I’m gonna watch Netflix and
chill in my choners today. So this is the best day
of the week for sure! (playful popping) So after a long day of my audition, (both laughing) I like to unwind with a nice drink. Typically, I would prefer
a margarita of sorts, but a beer will do. Mm, alcohol! (both laughing) What’s a chord? Is this a chord? I love the woods! For real, what’s a chord? (guitar music) ♪ I am arrogant ♪ ♪ I like donkey lips ♪ (both laughing) ♪ Oh, I’m arrogant ♪ ♪ I’m a daddy ♪ ♪ Not in a sexual way,
I’m a literal daddy ♪ Guitar is hard! (guitar music) That was pretty good, I didn’t even look. I will say this. I am surprised that every single day I’ve worn different shoes. I’m impressed and surprised
by your shoe collection because I wear the same shoes every day. But if we did the reverse of this, you would just be wearing
pajamas for seven days. I like this outfit. I actually kinda think I look cool. – Love! There you go! I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up and push the subscribe button
to see more videos of me. Also, make sure to turn
on that bell notification so that you can get notified every single time I upload a video. And leave a comment and tell me what your favorite outfit was that I wore this week. I hope you guys had fun watching this just like I had fun doing it. (burping) Oh god, that was bugging me so much. Oh, Brussels sprouts. Ooh, girl! That ain’t good coming back up! Anyway, I hope you guys liked this video and I’ll see you next time. I’m gonna go drink some applesauce. Goodbye! (pleasant music)

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  1. I've never called underwear choners, but I have called hair ties "hair pretties" for most of my life.

  2. some people say chonies but ya i say that and i am 11 well my family says that love u! like if u say choners or chonies

  3. We call remotes a clicker in our house. My moms from 1950s Mississippi idk if that has anything to do with it .

  4. Colleen, you always make so much sense. I got worried when you were talking about “merch”, but I love the shirt! And love that you and your man are still dating! It makes sense

  5. That’s so weird I own the same PJ shirt you wore for the day six outfit. And I got it from like an aunt that only wears things that are cotton and stuff. What are the odds

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