Weather Alert Thursday: Windy and Cold

Weather Alert Thursday: Windy and Cold

let’s get a check of your weather now with meteorologist Sam trier well Thank You Allison we’re talking about some light snow still leftover out to the plains and a little bit more redevelopment kind of way behind this entire system over walsim bird kind of out to the eastern parts of where Finnell county wag you lard but we just checked in on our camera and there’s not really much that we could see on the cameras so there is probably some snow falling but it’s a pretty low impact from what we can tell actually a little snow up in the Pikes Peak region as flurries it looked like Woodland Park you guys got about a dusting so some slick roads up and around teller County but overall this system looks pretty weak for Colorado and really hit Kansas kind of skipped us to the south in the East which is a good thing because it had been looking nasty now temperatures it’s called Kenna said yesterday we don’t get the snow we’re gonna get the cold and wow did we 22 in the Springs 24 Pueblo just updated a few numbers here it’s now 25 to 28 Lahontan Lamar and the winds are screaming through the plains they’re really strong around I excuse me highway 24 also i-70 Kit Carson 2024 and Lamar near 30 mile per hour winds still in Pueblo which means the wind chills are nasty for a lot of southern Colorado not so much through the Highway 50 corridor wind chills will stay at 20 degrees or below if you’re on the highway 50 corridor wind chills I’ll be above 20 in the afternoon but that’s still pretty cold now look at the wind chills on our forecast models at 10 o’clock back to 21 in Pueblo but look at the springs we don’t get above 20 this is one o’clock about the warmest part of the day and then by 4:00 o’clock we’re back to feeling like 14 where is the I Highway 50 corridor still a little better and then out past it inner time get ready for a cold night it’s gonna be a chilly one new your afternoon planner everybody Springs kind of sees a steady drop after the noon or 1:00 o’clock hour really cold by 6:00 o’clock there whereas Pueblo you’re a bit more steady and then by 6:00 we got you back into the 20s now it’s a quick sunset for 44 out there we’re hoping for some cloud cover to make it look pretty your forecast high temperatures we’re going 32 in the Springs 38 Pablo 35 city in 24 up to Woodland Park

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