Weather Girl Predicts a Cold Front Moving In

Weather Girl Predicts a Cold Front Moving In

Alright Jan got the sunshine
Jacqueline Bennett has the rain you’re talking about some rain coming up
in the forecast let’s get the latest to take a live look you’re out to mount a a well-defined storm heading
up to the north the first obey and a brain push through yesterday and it really
broke up is it did so but we do have a second band a brain set to push for
tonight into two morrow mornin quackery feel
little better rain with this is at most 30 I look at today at a glance we’re seeing
dense fog and drizzle close to the coast find that gonna
continue to the morning hours just like yesterday boy was it ever
missed in close to the coastline at noon cloudy and muggy we’re going to
be seeing some moisture streaming into the Bay Area as the storm approaches so it’s gonna
feel that a little money out there this afternoon ended at three o’clock hour a chance of
showers in the North Bay not looking very likely today or tonight
it’s really tomorrow morning that we’re going to be seeing their
brain well timed out on future cast the picture rainfall totals and ears than
forecast all coming up in just a bit

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  1. This was pretty good… Too many weather presenters present their opinions instead of keeping to the facts. Please present facts and not opinions. We don't need to hear that its going to be a "lovely day" or that its "gloomy" etc.

  2. Could get a bit nippley hope she doesn't wear what she has on at the moment outside.

  3. Seriously??? This got 15 million views? Too many guys surfing the internet at 2 am not able to sleep ๐Ÿ˜ด ๐Ÿ’ค

  4. Xxx weather alert she's got a big tight ass I can slam that like a screen door in an F5 hurricane

  5. studio A/C unit kicked on at that precise instant in time. the one that keeps it like a meat locker in there so their make-up wont ooze.

  6. Apparently this guy gets a tiny little boner for a nipple. She has a nice rack. Appreciate that or go to the bathroom with a glove

  7. Im calling my local station and demanding they get her or someone like her for the new weather lady. Extremely accurate report, great points, and the view, wow the view on my screen……… oh and the weather was what again? I totally missed all of it.

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