WHAAAT?! BTS 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears) MV REACTION

WHAAAT?! BTS 피 땀 눈물 (Blood Sweat & Tears) MV REACTION

The new BTS’ MV is out and I’m gonna watch it now and react to it Excuse my voice but I’m sick But after such a weekend it’s impossible not to be sick We had to be in Kraków, in Warsaw and everywhere Every possible place But we’re still alive and I’m gonna react to ‘Blood Sweat & Tears’ The title is already killing me So… Here we go Why are you hitting him?! These guys are loving each other, the other ones are hitting each other… Super! V looks weird This bicycle… AGAIN Okay… This music… Oh? Okay… A chandelier on the floor… Even two! Oh Jesus I’m not sure if you guys know it but… Jimin’s voice is just… Oh God What…? What… Jeeeeesus… What kind of latino is that? Okay Ann probably died during this moment But the hair… Just so-so A lot of chocolate I really dislike something in his looks But I love his voice WHAT DID THIS KIDDO JUST DO?! THIS IS PORN Porno latino by Koreans I’m sorry, but I’m reading the lyrics and I just can’t believe what is going on here Jimin again Yes, oh yes, exactly like that V’s fringe is definitely too short or something is wrong And he just jumped There is “want it more more more” in the lyrics… And I can hear “only money money” This is literally a pornography under this thing But I don’t wanna kill you! (acording to lyrics) Wow Why… Oh my God What is happening all of a sudden? At first latino, now the Phantom of the Opera Aha WHAT? But… But… But… Wait a second! But… What… WHAT? My jaw just dropped But… WAIT A SECOND. No, this is… NO. Why… Wait, WHAT? Oh Jesus! What? But… No, wait, no… WHAT? Okay, just a moment, no! What. Whaaaaaaaat What?! No, this is just.. How much does it have already? It has already 10.000.000 views Yes, I’m not that far behind It has already 10.000.000 views and I’m just… What… Whaaaaaat No way… N-n-no I have no idea what I just saw I just don’t know Dunno Here… No! But… NO! They… NOOO. Kill… Noo… It’s just… No, no way, I don’t agree BTS’ MVs are just… Not only the MVs, but the MVs are just… something Something that strikes somebody down and I have no idea what I just saw Well, I know what I just saw – BTS MV! And it was quite good… Okay, maybe not like this I like the song very much But it’s a bit latino But I like latino so it’s not a problem However… The ending of this MV… What are they doing to us? Why does the BigHit do it to us?! Somebody, tell me… WHY I wonder how long we’ll be waiting for the next one Yes I died But I really liked it, even though I’m a bit dead I’m still shocked and I cannot go back, this was genius GOD You know already I can’t stand it

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  1. Jimin's voice is gold!!! Angelic voice come from heaven~..Now I know why he is most popular…His face, voice, dancemoves is just soooo perfect~ He can do everything!..He has massive charisma on stage, and super adorable off stage…cute puppy^^

  2. To mv mnie pokonało, a szczególnie Jimin . Ostatnie dwa dni spędziłam w łóżku jakieś choróbsko się do mnie przyczepiło 🙁 .

  3. Hahaha xD
    "Co to dziecko zrobiło?!"
    "Koreańskie porno latino!"
    Mega reakcja, serio. Najlepsza jaką oglądałam 😂❤️
    Inne osoby to płaczą, wyją, a ty normalnie z porno latino xD

  4. Co to dziecko zrobiło właśnie
    Porno latino w wykonaniu koreańskim xDDDDD

  5. Przepraszam że pytam, ale umiesz mówić po Koreańsku? A jeśli tak, to w jaki sposób się nauczyłaś? Jak z czegoś w Internecie to mogłabyś dać linka? ;3 Supi odcinek! Życzę milutkiego dnia. (taaaa piszę to dwa lata po wydarzeniu xD)

  6. Moja reakcja była podobna XD a tak btw to ten kto napisał ta piosenkę musiał obejrzeć wcześniej porno czy coś XD tak wiem że trochę późno pisze kom ale no… XD

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