What Causes Hyperhidrosis

What Causes Hyperhidrosis

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  1. Yes, it is true that the brain controls the sympathetic nervous system; and that the message from the brain is sent through the spinal cord to the many sweat glands in the body; which then causes us to sweat. It is also true that stress has a role in amplifying perspiration in every human capable of sweating. But as a HH sufferer, I know that controlling stress levels does not completely stop the sweating; I can be completely relaxed yet still sweat severely. There's another underlying cause.

  2. dear friend..
    i am just like u suffering from HH,and i understand the mind/body thing and aggree with u on it…but what i want to ask u..have u tried chiropractic before u judge it cannot help?
    becuz im thinking about it as a natural way … thanks

  3. The problem is that it is not about how you feel. It is about which patterns are running on automatic. You can feel completely relaxed and yet have a strong stress response because the stress response is subconscious. You are only aware of about 1/1000000th of what your brain does.

    What you should do is get adjusted and find someway to measuring the galvanic skin response. You may have to do this for more than 3 months before you create enough brain plasticity to see lasting results

  4. so if the root cause is in the subconscious chiropractic can not help in anyway , yes it will regain the proper spine and thus proper

    sending/receiving electric commands from nervous system and brain,but then the only thing is to untangle these blocks in the individuals subconscious ?

    ,through breathwork i think ? the only solution , that is natural and helpful,and i related the 3 months thing because in breathwork they say it needs 3 months also to release the accumulated stress over years?

  5. You can call it subconscious if you like, but all it really means is conditioned brain activity that you are not aware of. Breath training, relaxation, meditation etc, is probably the best thing an individual can do on their own.
    The adjustment can be helpful in conjunction, because the adjustment is a pattern interrupt. If you have hyperhidrosis, some aspect of your autonomic nervous system is stuck in sympathetic dominance. The adjustment can help interrupt and "unstick" that pattern.

  6. It is possible to completely stop any kind of sweating excessively issues you have and remove hyperhidrosis naturally, without drugs, risky surgery; by simply using the proven, scientifically-accurate step by step method.

  7. It is possible to completely reverse any kind of sweating issues you have and remove hyperhidrosis in a natural way, without drugs, risky surgery; simply by using the proven, step-by-step method.

  8. Just want to ask you I suffer from hh in hands and feet, when I was a small kid I fell so hard on the back of my head did this cause it?

  9. I have it SO bad. It’s ruined a lot of my social life, because I always isolate myself in cold dark environments. It can be the middle of winter and sweat just POURS out of my scalp, pours down my face, pours off my neck, and pours off my chest/stomach. I do take Wellbutrin and Xanax, which I think makes it worse, but even before I took those. I don’t know what to do, nobody takes it seriously, not even my Dr

  10. Just go Keto with 7-10 cups of Romaine per day. Worked for me. Gone.
    It could be potassium… Or a food allergy that doesn't show in any test.

  11. Thankyou I have suffered PTSD since I was 13 years old. My Daughter 29 years old died. And the sweat began. I had brain surgery also after she passed away. You are the first to be correct about this embarrassing condition thankyou.

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