What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Too Much Coffee

What Happens To Your Body When You Drink Too Much Coffee

– This is me and I love coffee. The intoxicating nutty aroma. The rich chocolatey taste. Some days I drink three cups
like the average American I am. Other days, I drink more like five or six. But is that too much? First the good news. It’s almost impossible
to overdose on coffee. There is a lethal dose of
caffeine but it’s somewhere around 10 grams and the average cup of Joe has around 100 milligrams. You’d likely have to drink 100 cups in rapid succession to OD. But that’s not to say there’s
no such thing as too much. The FDA recommends no more
than four to five cups a day for the average healthy adult. More than that and you
might start to experience some nasty side effects. – Most people take in coffee to increase their focus and concentration but once you take in too much
you start to lose that focus People start getting
more agitated, irritable. Narrator: That’s thanks to
the hormone, adrenaline. When caffeine hits your
system it stimulates your adrenal glands which release
the hormone into your body. It makes you feel energetic and alert. Perfect for a fight or flight situation. But too much can be a bad thing. Especially if you suffer from anxiety. – But with anxiety you also
wanna be careful not to overstimulate or trigger
any sort of panic attacks and make anxiety worse, which certainly too much caffeine can do. – Adrenaline from caffeine can also increase your heart rate. That’s why doctors also
recommend against drinking coffee if your heart sometimes beats irregularly. But the risk is really only
for bonafide coffee junkies. According to at least
two observational studies you have to drink at least
nine cups of coffee a day to put yourself at risk of arrhythmia. And finally, there’s
the question of sleep. Coffee’s enemy. Caffeine launches a double
threat on your slumber. It blocks the neurochemical adenosine which is what tells your
brain that you’re tired. It releases a cocktail of
stimulants into your brain. Adrenaline, dopamine, and glutamate. So after donning your sixth cup of coffee, you don’t just feel
awake but full of energy. It will power you
through that 2:30 meeting or the last class of the day. But if you overdo it, the effect won’t wear off
when it’s time for bed. In one study, researchers monitored the
sleep of a dozen volunteers. Some were given a caffeine
pill equivalent to about four cups of coffee and others
received a placebo instead. Even when the volunteers
swallowed the caffeine pills six hours before bedtime, they
spent significantly less time in the light stages of sleep. And that can have detrimental
effects on daytime function, the authors report. – It’s sort of just stuck in this loop where you’re not sleeping
because you drink too much coffee and then you wake up in the
morning and you’re not well rested and you’re drinking more coffee just to stay awake in the day. – Sound familiar? Here’s the good news. If you cut yourself off by 2:00 you typically won’t have
trouble falling asleep. That’s because the half-life of caffeine is around five hours. And so most of its stimulating effects will wear off well
before the lights go out. And if you also limit your
consumption, well then coffee can actually offer a
number of health benefits. Research shows that it can help
with everything from memory, to exercise, to your relationships
with your colleagues. And that’s great because for some of us, coffee is just something
we’ll just never give up.

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  1. I don’t know if this counts but i drank a shit ton of red bull and i had horrible side effects and have spent the last two
    hours trying to find remedies, feeling better if anyone is in the same state drink a lot of water.

  2. When researchers say "3 cups of coffee" are they referring to a typical mug or the imperial unit of volumetric measurement? Because that's a pretty big difference depending on the size of your mug… Also your brewing method can drastically change the caffeination of your coffee, do the studies specify?

  3. I get panic attacks in the middle of the night when I drink regular coffee. Demons, apocalypse, etc., etc., etc.

  4. Dumbass, 400 milligrams is the daily limit for non caffeine sensitive people. Don't mislead people. Your heart can be seriously injured if you consume too much caffeine and long periods of time. This industry is billions of dollars. If you drink every day you are an addict. Caffeine is a drug and it messes up your brain receptors for sleep.

  5. I Like Drinking Hot Chocolate.
    I Want To Get Addicted To Coffee,
    But I Can't.
    Because It Tastes Like Medicine.

  6. I can't drink coffee…*sigh*….i get this feeling of nervousness and restlessness….i just drank one cup and now i'm suicidal…

    I don't know how most people are so good at drinking coffee….hahahaha…

  7. When I can't sleep I drink coffee and its effective I dunno why, maybe is there something wrong with my body 😂

  8. I'm on here wondering why my heart is racing, turns out FDA recommends no more than 400 milligrams a day. Here I'm drinking 1,120 milligrams a day. (I drink 4 Grande Nitro Cold Brews at Starbucks each day to power me through my day, each one of those Grande Nitro Cold Brews has 280 milligrams caffeine each) 280×4=1,120. Guess I'm gonna need to cut the Nitro down a little bit.

  9. I don't drink coffee, I've been sober from weed for 6 months, but I wanted to get fucked up, so I ate 5 table spoons of coffee and now I'm vomiting and freaking out!

  10. I've taken too many caffeine pills once, it was so terrible, I had to call off work. Not only was I feeling sick, my chest and stomach where in lots of pain, my heart felt as if I ran 10 marathons, I felt extremely restless, every few minutes I was vomiting, I saw green, red, and purple in my vision. I literally felt like I was going to die. If I would've taken anymore, I could have. Plus the nasty taste of the caffeine pills was in my mouth making me feel even more nauseated.
    After I felt better, I did some research. I found that I was halfway to the lethal dose. So, knowing that, it scared me. So instead of taking pills, I just stick with Coffee. I don't ever want to feel like death again, feeling like I was going die. It's horrible to put yourself through. One heck of a way to suffer for hours!
    So…. I'd suggest Coffee instead of pills.
    If you're not a coffee person, be extremely careful with energy drinks, don't mix them cause it can really mess you up. Search for a safer alternative of some sort.

  11. "Coffee keeps you awake and is an enemy of sleep" yeah well for me coffee puts me to sleep, no joke thats no exaggeration, it literally puts me to sleep, plus coffee gives me good/positive dreams. Not to go too far in detail but I drink coffee as a laxative to help me go to the bathroom easier. The only negative effect that it puts on me is the jittery shaky feeling, to help ease this I meditate with ASMR and drink plenty of water to cleanse myself of the caffeine factor.

  12. I use coffee for work and study normally ( 5 cups a day if necessary). But after the period studying time , I feel more exhausted 😩 than I normally ( without coffee)

  13. Umn im 13 i drank too much caffrine i started falling over, it was hard to breath, i started hallucinating i heard a loud siren, i started kissimg my pillow, i thought i was going to die, i couldnt go to sleep, i started shaking, i couldnt move, and i was sooo tired but couldnt sleep, my heart was beating reeeeelly fast, i had ringing in my ears. It was horryfying

  14. In college, I drank so much coffee the Barista asked me if I could vibrate through the walls. I said, 'No. But, the widow next door wishes I could.'

  15. Funny how this is accepted but smoke 6 joints a day and you're a drug addict even though caffeine is physiologically addictive while cannabis is not


  17. The instructions of the instant coffee said one tsp per 6oz. I made 3 cups of coffee.

    I used tablespoons instead of teaspoons.

    I drank 9 cups of coffee.

  18. "It's almost impossible to overdose on coffee."

    Me at work forgetting to eat and only drinking coffee: "The world is vibrating. Is this normal?"

  19. I don't feel anything after drinking 2 Tbsp of Coffee in the morning. Now, its true that I add milk to my coffee like the animal I am, but seriously, I don't feel anything. Heck I even can sleep after a minute of drinking coffee if I haven't slept the night prior.
    Something's wrong with me, same with Energy Drinks, they don't have any effect on me.

  20. There is no scientific evidence that caffeine causes heart arrhythmias in those with a healthy heart. Nor is there any evidence that drinking caffeinated beverages long-term will cause an arrhythmia to develop.

  21. I took 3 tabs under 12hrs of 200mg first time because i thought its not working. Well boi that hit harder than i imagined.

  22. 0:35
    Science Insider: "So you'll likely need to drink 100 cups in rapid succession to OD"

    Philip j fry: Challenge accepted

  23. What about people who drink caffeine and don't actually get that energy boost? Curious as to what effects it will have on someone.
    I dont like coffee but if I drink a red bull it barely does anything to me, it just helps me concentrate slightly better if I'm exhausted.

    I got here by trying to find someone having a caffeine overdose cause it just happened at my job but I didnt see it or anything.

  24. I drink about 5cups or more but with little bit of cream and sugar…. Well i can feel that my heart is palpitating … Actually it helps me sleep hahahahah

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