WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Beautiful, Healthy Hair & Skin

WHAT I EAT IN A DAY | Beautiful, Healthy Hair & Skin

hi guys welcome back to my channel today
I’m doing a new one at end of the day it’s been way too long
today I’m doing a special edition and I will talk about what I eat in a day for
healthy skin and hair I get lots of questions from you guys because of my
background in holistic nutrition asking me about what can you do and what can
you eat to make sure that your skin is glowing and your hair is shiny and long
with ponds of lights there is a saying that says the way our skin and hair and
nails look is an indication of how healthy we are and how healthy is our
diet there’s a lot of foods out there that aggravating our body inflame
themselves and causing breakdown for collagen elastin and keratin which is
things that our hair and our skin and our nails need to make sure that they
grow and look good absolutely love beauty products and you know that I use
so many of them but this is where it starts what you put inside your body
really shows on your skin before we continue I wanted to say huge thank you
to the match reserve for collaborating with me and sponsoring this video
I’m sure you’ve guys seen this brand on my IG post and I just stories you know
that I’m a huge macho fan and this is where I get my matchup because I know
that the quality is really really good there are quantities of everything is
load make sure that the quality of the product is high I actually did a match
of one-on-one video you guys can check it out here or here or there and learn
more about it knowledge is power I am a big fan of superfoods and things that I
can add to really supercharge my smoothies and coffees and soups and now
that I’m not dependent anymore I can go back to trying out new ones
I got in through this one the beauty balm it’s organics maca
organic blueberry and marine collagen the matter reserve is actually a
us-based company but it ships world wide so if you guys are looking to start
incorporating different super foods into your diet you guys can check out the
matcha reserve and now let me show you what I eat in a day I start my morning
with a big glass of water when I feel not as lazy I’ll add a squeeze of lemon
the whole lemon squeezing thing is a big commitment so instead I’ll have two big
glasses of water before I reach for my coffee or anything else after my water
I’ll usually go and brush my teeth so I have a 30-minute break before I go into
my breakfast for breakfast especially during the winter time oatmeal is one of
my favorite food to eat it’s something that’s more comforting and warm oatmeal
also reduces inflammation which is great for anyone that is experiencing acne and
it’s low on the glycemic index which is great for your blood sugar it’s full of
fiber biotin and other B vitamins and the fact that it has so much fiber in it
it fills you up for way longer I also like to add a little bit of coconut oil
to my oatmeal it gives a little bit of sweetness to it
coconut oil helps to boost metabolism and it’s great to help balance hormones
that help to absorb the vitamin A and E which are super essential for skin hair
and nail growth then I’ll top my oatmeal with some berries that are great source
of antioxidants I’ll mix chia seeds flax seeds and hemp seeds together in a
ziploc I’ll use that ziplock and top like a lot of different dishes with this
little mixture you can put it into smoothies you can put it on any SAE
boson oatmeal on porridges you’re getting an amazing supply of other
vitamins and nutrients from these seeds around 10 a.m.
go and get myself a little snap usually I would gravitate towards a smoothie
because it’s really easy to make and I am a smoothie girl so my base for the
smoothie is coconut water which is great for hydration and we know that hydration
is key for beautiful skin then I’ll add some spinach spinach is super high in
antioxidants and vitamin C E and beta-carotene beta-carotene helps with
with hearing cells in your skin I’ll add half a banana frozen berries and this
powder that I’m super happy that I found at that is called a beauty balm and it
has maca blueberry powder and marine collagen maca is a root that helps with
calming your mind boosting stamina and helping with hormonal imbalance which I
definitely experienced especially post pregnancy it’s a solid source of protein
protein is key to getting healthy hair and nails and it also has vitamin D and
E which helps to regulate collagen production collagen is the most abundant
protein in the body but it does slowed down with age it does help with
promoting skin elasticity and just the overall look of the skin it’s not a
quick fix it’s something that you want to keep taking and that’s when you see a
difference and then with the blueberry powder blueberry is an amazing source of
antioxidants so that’s definitely always good for our skin and then for lunch I
went for a butternut squash soup butternut squash is a glow Giver
it’s an amazing source of beta-carotene beta carotene converts to vitamin A very
important in repairing cells in your skin and then for my second course I
know I’m sincere like that I’ll have a quick salmon that I just baked in the
oven and some grilled veggies salmon is a source of omega-3 fatty acids that
helps with skin and hair their health and its moisture and then we’re getting
to that 3/4 p.m. bad snack attack I don’t know about you but I always
experience that especially during winter time our bodies burn so much energy to
keep us warm so we want to make sure that we keep supplying that energy and
you know form of food and this time I decided to do a little experiment I am a
big savory person I love anything that’s crunchy and salty so I decided to
my all-time classic favorite that is the crunchy chickpea is that I usually make
and add a little kick to it with this Dorito seasoning chickpeas are a great
source of protein which we need and it has an extra superfood that I feel like
not getting enough attention and that’s the nutritional East the nutritional
East is something that I like to add when I want that cheesy flavor without
using cheese it is super rich and B vitamins that is very essential it
really helps with nerves and making sure that we feel calm and kind and not
losing our nutritional East can be used to add extra protein vitamins and
minerals and antioxidants to meals in between you have to keep hydrating
yourself in a form of water or tea coffee does not count my friends for
every cup of coffee make sure you drink two glasses of water and that brings us
to dinner for dinner if you guys have watched any of my water eat in the day
you know that I love simple and fast recipes these bowls are always something
I go for especially when I’m very short on time to prepare dinner so here I have
brown rice and this sweet potato and blog bean stuffing this is actually kind
of a vegetarian taco filling that I made the other night so it’s a leftover but
it works really well on its own so I decided to add add black beans is a
great source of protein and a sweet potato another great source of vitamin A
top it with anything that you like you can add corn avocado or guacamole if you
feel fancy avocado is an excellent food to nourish and moisture your skin and
you can add some salsa really whatever your heart desires and then that brings
us to the cert on lazy nights I’ll have some camomile tea just to finish my day
in a very calm and balancing manner if I want something savory I’ll go for some
popcorn with some coconut oil and some sea salt or if I feel something sweeter
I’ll go for dark chocolate dark chocolate is an amazing
source of antioxidants and great for your skin but you want to make sure that
it is at least 70% dark don’t eat 14 squares try to aim for 2 to 3 listen
you’ve gotta sacrifice for beauty it is what it is and that’s what you guys I
hope you enjoyed this what I eat in a day and hopefully you’ll learn something
new that you can research and see if it fits it to your lifestyle maybe some new
ingredients that you’ve never heard about let me know if you like me to
create this kind of water eat in a day for also specific things like energy
rain health things like that I’m interested to hear what you have to say
and that’s it ok I’m done I’m gonna go eat my lunch now

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  1. Let me know in the comments below if you would like to see more of these What I Eat In A Day videos that have a specific focus — would love your feedback on this ❤️

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  4. The fat in coconut oil is 92% saturated fat…so not that healthy overall but definitely trendy recently. Greetings from Ireland!

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  6. My boyfriend keeps saying supplementing (for example with collagen) doesn't work because it's not absorbed by our bodies. He claims most of supplements are "nutritional myths" created to make customers buy more, and they can't have huge effects on a chosen part of our health/body. Instead, he says, we should eat everything in moderation and we'll be good. So he ridicules every supplement I try to incorporate into my diet. I have to admit it gets on my nerves. What are your views on this Valeria? Anyone in the comments section?

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    : Thank you

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