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CHRISTMAS”] -Hi, guys. It’s Brooklyn and
Bailey, and today, we are going to show you guys
what we got for Christmas, but first, we would like
to say we hope you all had a very merry Christmas
and we are super excited. We discovered something
on Christmas day. We are so close to one
million subscribers. It’s amazing. Thank you all so much. We just really, really
want to hit a million. -So if you guys
aren’t subscribers, be sure to subscribe. -And tell your friends. -Yeah, tell your friends. -We really, really want
to accomplish this goal. -We really want
to hit a million. That would be so exciting. -I’m so excited. Oh my gosh. -So please, subscribe
if you want. -Yes. So let’s get started with
the stuff that we have. We’ll start with this one. -OK. We got new Yankee candles. Well, you guys probably
all know if you’ve watched previous videos that
we actually love candles. We love them. -Love them. -Love candles. -And they smell delicious. -So nice. -We got this new kind. It’s called Picnic in the Park. -And Cranberry Pear. -It looks really nice because
now it’s winter and it’s gray, and so this is nice and
pretty and green for summer. -So we got some candles. -Super exciting. Next. This was my biggest Christmas
present was my guitar. And I also got a special
little helper here. It’s called the Chord Buddy. Can you see it? The Chord Buddy. And you put it on
your guitar, and then if you press this button–
like I’ll press this one– and you can play
a G. Or this one, you can play G. It plays
the chords for you. And then I’ve learned the
chords without this helper. -But I have not. -But she hasn’t. So she uses the helper. -So I use the helper. So it makes me sound like
I know what I’m doing. -Yeah. And it helps you learn. It’s actually really nice. I like it. I love it. -It’s great. And then I got this special
present from Santa Claus. It is my own MacBook Pro. We’ve been sharing
one for a long time, but as you all probably
know, in school, you do a lot of
assignments on a computer, and there’s two
of us sharing one. -It gets really hard
to share a computer. -It gets really hard to
share, so I got my own, and I’m so excited. -Which means I have my
own, which is OK with me. -And I got this adorable
purple case, so I’m excited. -She’s super excited. Next one. Let’s see. So I just ran out
of my perfume, so I was able to get
a new little box. It’s Warm Vanilla Sugar. -As you all know, that’s
what her favorite smell is. -That’s my favorite smell. It’s delicious. -And then mine is Twisted
Peppermint from Bath and Body Works, and I got lotion
and shower stuff. -She got the whole kit. She got the threesome. -I’m going so smell pepperminty. -She’s going to smell
like winter all year. -This is the best
thing in the world. So next up, we have these
wallets from mom and dad. Thank you. This one, I saw this, and
I was like, what is that? And then I pulled it out and
I was like, oh, it’s so cute. -The eyelashes– look down. They match her eyelashes. They’re just as
long, aren’t they? They look like her. -Mine are just red lips. I thought they were adorable. We could be like
a face, kind of. -I really, really needed a
wallet, so this was helpful, and plus it’s really cute. I think it’s from Delia’s. -Yeah. They’re adorable. -What’s next up? Our food. -We each got a box
of Life cereal. For those of you who
don’t know what this is, it’s my favorite cereal of life. -It is life. -It is delicious. -It’s literally Life, and
then it’s actually life. -And we never buy it because we
always eat it all in one day. -One– it’s so good. -And so for Christmas,
all the kids got their own big
box of Life cereal. -And we all got two and a
half pound cups of Reese’s. -Reese’s peanut butter cups
because that’s delicious. -I think yes. -I think I’ll go with that. -I think that’s all
that needs to be said. -Want to do those next? -Yes. -And next up, I am obsessed
with Converse shoes, and I have currently
been stealing Camry’s for the past year
because my white ones aren’t even white anymore. -They’re destroyed. -They’re brown. -She wore them so much. -Even if you washed
them, they were gross. So we got new white Converse. -They are beautiful. Look at how white they are. -They’re so pure. They’re angelic. And then I also got this
cute pair of black ones. It has sparkles right
here and on the back. And these ones, which I love. -I wore these, and
they’re so cute. -And they’re comfy. They’re all black,
and they’re kind of a soft– I don’t
even know what fabric. I don’t know. And you can fold them
down or you can fold up, and they look like the little
clasp and they’re leather. -They kind of look like boots. -And then we had a pair
of black Doc Marten boots but we wore them so
much that they broke. -I wore them. The heel broke off
at school, so I just had to throw the shoes away
in the middle of school. -So we got new
ones for Christmas, and they are so
nice, but these are from Target, which is great. -And next up, Bailey and I
each got our own shower cap because we’ve been
needing some for awhile. We’ve been wanting some
for awhile because– -You know, there’s sometimes you
have those days where you just really want to take
a shower but you don’t want to wet
your hair down. -Like you have
perfect curls and– -And you want to wear them
the next day or something, but you’re like, oh, a
shower sounds so good. -Or if we want to deep
condition our hair or something, we can use this,
which is awesome. -I think I’m going
to do that tonight. -My shower cap has
little Eiffel towers with blue ribbon across and
little blue hearts, too. -And mine has pink roses. -Hers has rosettes. It’s cute. I just want to talk
about this real quick because it’s the cutest– -It’s adorable. -Christmas gift I
have gotten yet. So you all know from the
last video my obsession with princesses and peanut M&Ms,
and so my little sister– we do sibling exchange– and
so her gift to me was a jar of peanut M&Ms with
princesses taped on it. -And it says “Princesses,
Princes, Palaces, and Peanuts.” -Is this not adorable? -Adorable pictures and stuff. -It’s so cute. -It’s adorable. -I love it so much. -So we have an elf on
the shelf type of elf that comes and visits us every
Christmas, and he watches us, and if we’re good,
then he brings us pajamas on
Christmas Eve so we can wear them Christmas morning. And this year, he brought
me these pretty awesome black joggers. -And mine have dogs on them. -What type of dog is that? -A pug. -A pug. Is that a pug? -Mine have pugs on them. They’re so cute. -And then he also
got me, of course, my obsession with Converse,
he got me a Converse t-shirt. -And then this adorable,
adorable, adorable skirt. Can you all see? -This is not from the elf. -No. This is not– -The elf only brings pajamas. -This is from my parents. This is so cute. I think it’s from Forever 21. I’m not 100%. No, it’s from Forever 21. And this is adorable because
you all know this pattern is in, and so I’m excited to wear that. -And they also got me this,
which is “Looking for Treble.” -Such a Brooklyn shirt. -For those of you
who know music, it’s a treble clef, but
trouble, because we’re musical. And it’s from Delia’s in
case you’re wondering. -Some more clothes that we got. I’m actually wearing the shirt. It says “Leave me alone.” Leave me alone. -And the beanie. -And then the hat on top. I usually don’t get hats
because I can’t ever wear them, but this one is so cute, and
it actually looks pretty good. -And I also got another
Converse t-shirt, just my obsession this Christmas. -Surprise. And the next– -Oh wait. You missed this one. -Oh yeah. Let’s do this one. We also got this
dress for Christmas, which is a sweater
dress, long sleeves. -It’s so cute. It’s got black
flowers all over it. -Yeah. It’s really pretty. And then I also got a
pair of black tights that I’m wearing with it right
now, which are pretty awesome. -So next up, we got
socks, because who can argue with socks? Socks are awesome. Socks are cool. -And we are always out of socks. We always steal them from Mom’s
socks, and she always gets mad. -I’m not sure why, but mine
say “scratch and sniff.” -Because they’re pairs. No, because they’re
the perfect pair. You know how
“scratch” always goes with “sniff” and “soul”
always goes with “mate?” It’s soul mates. -Because then you
won’t lose the– -Yeah. -No, when I pulled
them out of the bag, I was literally scratching. I was like– -She was scratching. She was like, it doesn’t
smell like anything. -But they don’t smell good. -And we were all
just like, Bailey, it’s because they’re a pair. -I just realized. Scratch goes with sniff. Got it. -Another thing we
received for Christmas were these shimmer blocks. Hers is a purplish pink
and mine is a gold, and they’re from Forever 21,
and they’re basically just to highlight or
shimmer your face. -Pretty. -Another thing I received
was this lipstick called Angel from
MAC, and then I got the liner that goes
with it is Magenta. So I got these two and I’m
super excited to try them. Maybe I’ll do a
tutorial on how do wear these or something
in the future. -We’ve also been needing
some new belts for Christmas, so we were able to get these. -This belt is a rose
gold, and so I’m super excited because I
always steal my mom’s belts. -And this one has
fishtails almost across it. That’s what it looks like. -It’s really cute. -It’s really cute. They’re both from Delia’s. -I think that is all we
have to show you guys today. Be sure to check out
last week’s video. We are doing a huge giveaway
for four iPad Minis, and if you guys
went to enter that, be sure to click the link in
the description box below. -And then information on
all the stuff in this video will be in the description
box below, too. Don’t forget to leave
a comment on what you guys got for Christmas, and
we’ll see you guys next week. Bye. -If you were being attacked by
a man, what fighting technique would you use to beat
the stuffing out of him? [LAUGHING] -Whose question was that? -This, the dress I am
wearing, it’s a sweater dress. It comes down to a little
bit above my knees. -It’s so cute. -It’s so cute. And the tights I’m wearing. I don’t know if
you can see them. Beautiful black tights. I’m wearing these, and this
dress, and these tights. They’re wonderful. -Where is this from? -Did she totally
flash the camera? -I tried not–

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