White Water Turtles!

White Water Turtles!

– The sixth mud turtle
of the day, you see it? Right up on that rock there? All right, Miles is
gonna drift us in. (pumped up, triumpant music) Yes! (everyone cheers) (adventurous music) What’s goin’ on guys? It is another day off for
the Brave Wilderness team. – What’s up Coyote Pack? – Doot, doot, doot, doot! That’s right we’re
going rafting today! Man go to river! I’ve only been rafting
once before in my life and never out in the desert. Today we’re heading
out with an outfitter called Mild to
Wild Rafting Tours. This is going to be epic! Now, they say that
the Salt River is like the little Grand Canyon, so, this should be pretty
exciting, pretty extreme, and hopefully none of us
will fall out of the raft. – [Guide] Lean backwards! – Lean backwards? – [Guide] Heads up. – We almost ran
right into that rock! Oh, bald eagle! (men shouting) (intense music) (whooping) Paddleboat or die! (laughing and whooping) That was awesome! I love how it goes from like,
a moment of extreme to a moment of calm so you hit
the white water and then you just have this glide down the
river where you have a chance to collect and compose yourself. You kind of reminisce on
what you just went through and prepare for the next rapid. (guitar music) Aww man, this one looks
bumpy, you guys see this? (laughing) Hold on, hold on! Big splash! Whoo! Got soaked on that one! – [Miles] That was awesome! (whooping) (laughing) (whooping) – I’m getting soaked! That got a little scary. The sixth mud turtle of
the day, do you see it? Right up on that rock there? Right, Miles is
gonna drift us in. See if I can catch it. (soft, dramatic music) Oh, we were so close! – [Miles] He’s still
there, he’s still there! He’s still there… – Yes, we got him, yes! (all cheering) Can you guys believe it?! That is the Sonoran mud
turtle, right there! The sixth turtle of the day
and sure enough, every time we do an episode, even if it’s
our day off and it’s an on location, we manage to
catch an animal and… Oh, can you guys smell that? He is musking me right now. Woo! Wow, I cannot believe we
caught a Sonoran mud turtle. Look at that turtle! Hi! You are absolutely gorgeous! Now, kind of like a snapping
turtle, they have a pretty good hooked beak. They can give you a pretty
good nip, let’s see. (pained shouting) Ooh, yeah, didn’t break skin,
but I still respect that bite. And this is a male. The way that I can tell is it’s
much larger and look at the indentation in the plastron. Look at the carapace! Look at the ridges
on the carapace. That is so distinct looking. Now this is one of the only
native aquatic turtle species here in Arizona. Whoa! What an awesome turtle! I can’t believe it! Every time, I’m always after
the turtles and this was going to be a challenge and I
actually didn’t even have to get into the water. I actually almost jumped out
of the boat to catch it when I could see its shadow, but
it was actually coming back up towards the rock. Reach my hand in and
managed to make the catch. Alright, we’re gonna put
this little guy right back in his little territory. Awesome! Let’s hit some more rapids! (quiet, airy music) (cheering and whooping) Wow, look at that! Alright guys, we made it! – [Miles] What a day, dude. – [Coyote] That… – [Miles] That was awesome. – [Coyote] Was so cool! Aww, man. Now that’s what I
call a good day off. Rafting down the Salt River
and hitting some of those class three rapids. We even saw some cool animals! Big thanks to Miles and Don
for safely guiding us down the river, and I would
definitely say that we went from mild to wild. I’m Coyote Peterson. Be brave and stay wild. We’ll see you on
the next location! Whoo! If you thought rafting
in Arizona looked
like fun, make sure to go back and watch the
episode where the crew and I rafted the freezing
waters of Alaska in search of bald eagles. And don’t forget, subscribe! So you can join me and the
crew on our next location. (wild animal noises) (distant howling)

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