Who Is Meat Sweats? Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | New TMNT Villain?

Who Is Meat Sweats? Rise Of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles | New TMNT Villain?

Well, you know in this market, it’s actually very difficult to find good Subterranean housing. Hey, we could always go back to the old sewer then Hey, what’s up Turtles fans, okay today I want to talk about one of the newer characters to come out of the new rise of the TMNT show that’s coming out later this year and you see them right here in this picture with Leo and this is Meat sweats or I’ve also seen them referred to as the tenderizer in some toy descriptions now We don’t know much about this new character. Obviously, we can take a look at his look here He’s got a cleaver here with like a bone handle but let’s get a little bit more into the character from what we Can see on turtle pedia now real quick before we get started if you like Videos on Ninja Turtles then go ahead and hit that subscribe button and if you’re enjoying the video, please hit like as it helps tremendously with the channel and Yeah, let’s jump into it Let’s take a look here. Alright, so here we are on turtle pedia and from the article here it says You know meat sweats from rise of the TMNT now, let’s go a little bit into this So it goes meat sweats is a mutant pig and former celebrity chef. So he’s a little bit like Gordon Ramsay how you know in the real world so We’ll see how the personality Is of this new character? It’s I wonder if they’re gonna pull elements from my Gordon Ramsay and how he is on the show how you you know? You know is tough on his Contestants and stuff and I wonder if that’s how he’s gonna be before he turns into the mutant pig and if that’s gonna be amplified when he turns into the mutant pig Okay, let’s read a little bit more here. It goes his arms are made of Tendrils which latch onto mutants in order to drain their power Now these I believe are attachments these tendrils and I wonder if he’s gonna use among turtles at all but look I have seen an image of meat sweats without these tendrils and Sometimes it looks like he has a regular hand Underneath them and other times it looks like this and this is from I think I’m like one of the toy fairs earlier this year and you can see the tendril is right there on the ground and you can see his arm and his arm is a little bit like Shape-shift II like he can shape-shift his arm into like different shapes. Maybe like a like a spear or maybe just kind of like a goo it looks like here that maybe wraps around his uh Victims a bird. Yeah his enemies. Alright, let’s go back now So his arms are made of tendrils which lashon to mutants in order to join their power and there’s not much more since obviously The this show hasn’t come out yet, but there is a little more down here. So under trivia and says according to his bio Meat sweats can literally sweat me Yeah You know hence the name and I think we have seen this in action in the rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles teaser trailer that we got a few months ago and Here it is. I’m gonna play it real quick right here. So as you can see you see little versions of him Like lining up in rows right here and I believe that’s what they mean by he can literally sweat me he can sweat probably little clones of himself that the turtles will have to fight and I don’t know if Meat sweats and Baron Jackson the other villain that’s been announced for this show work together, but I’m under the impression and this is just my assumption that Baron Jackson is gonna come and protect meat sweats or take meat sweats under his wing kind of like How shredder has a bebop and Rocksteady? I feel like Baron Jackson is gonna have meat sweats. It’s gonna be like his go-to guy for missions, but that’s just me assuming I could be completely wrong about this meat sweats could get Annihilated in the first couple episodes and we don’t see him again. But I’m under the impression that that’s how it’s gonna work There’s a couple more things here weapon of choice meat tenderizer occupation chef species is a mutant Pig and that’s pretty much it and Let me know down below though. What do you think of this new meat sweats character? Is it a little too similar to? Bebop or not so much. I mean this is a different species of pig. This is a not a warthog This is actually just looks like a pig so but yeah, let me know down below What do you think of this new meat sweats character? That was just a quick video I wanted to talk about I’ll probably come out with another video later next week. So stay tuned for that Thanks everybody for watching. Please hit like please hit subscribe. I’ll see you in a little bit with another video. Take care

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