Who we are | BD Water

Who we are | BD Water

Hi I’m Barkley, the general manager here
at BD Water. Look, I started this company because I’ve
loved water ever since I was a kid. From working on those small irrigation
systems in our early days To building some of the largest water projects in the country. The feeling hasn’t changed. We quickly learned that there was so
much more we could offer than just where we started in residential and agricultural
irrigation systems. So we integrated bore drilling services and later became one of the first
water license traders in WA. At BD Water, our goal is to help people
kick their dream projects off the ground. Securing a supply is really important to
having a high performing, high functioning system.
So it’s paramount to our process to make sure that we get that right. And it really does make water
simple from that point onward. We work with fantastic customers And exceptional drilling teams to
really get that perfect hole in the ground that really secures the supply that we’re looking for. I actually got my foot into the door
because I was chatting to Barkley about marketing in a car park after a
volleyball match. That ended up being the first of many discussions
I’ve had about the BD Water brand. I am now responsible for marketing and license trading at BD Water. We got into water trading because we’re trying to bridge the difficulties of the market. We started learning and then sharing the
right information And it is with this knowledge that we trust ourselves to take care of the trading process From connecting buyers and sellers to
handling all the technicalities and the regulations around the application process. Our bore drilling and irrigation systems operations
gave us literally hands-on experience. We all work well together. And we need each other to achieve
the best outcomes in our jobs. There are endless possibilities
of things that can go wrong. And we’ve seen it all.
The small details make the biggest difference, which is why we carefully select the right equipment and quality products for every job At the end of the day, when we leave a property,
we make sure the whole set up is pumping, literally. We value the faith our clients put in us
to take their vision and turn it into a reality. That’s what makes our day. From license trading, to bore drilling,
to irrigation systems No matter the challenge.
Our team, we’re up for it. Mate, I’m still getting around in the same
UTE that I had since we built this business out of my backyard
all those years ago. The guys still crack the joke that
they can get me on the tools when they need me. And they’re probably right. At the end of the job, I’ll very
likely shake your hand. Less likely I’ll take this hat off. We can say that we’ll send our best Andy
and it’s always true. At the end of the day,
with these amazing people We make water simple. you

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