Why Do People Sweat – Vivian Ho

Why Do People Sweat – Vivian Ho

do you guys know why do people sweat let’s find out the answer together people’s what we can see people sweat from when we are nervous when we are interviewing when we are speaking on stage or any of the time we can feel the nervous when when we are playing basketball basketball swimming chair golf swimming it can make us sweat and inside these inside our skin there’s a particle there’s a parco skin a sweat gland a swagman looks like it’s a long call yo hollow tubs all so and inside that the cool part is where the sweat is produced and the long portion is the it’s the very kinetic going to open up or other things skins outer surface there are two types of its what good first there is a crumb and it’s smaller it’s it’s not as much edge love it’s not as much else we sweat a lot it’s smaller sweat and a program is a larger it’s a it’s an amount of sweat it’s more than they a crumb so it’s what when you are moving and you sweat so the aircraft is just is when you’re moving and maybe you won’t really sweat but you did split it’s not often sweat so we that’s the answer why we sweat thank you for watching a video if you liked my video you can press like if you want to subscribe my video subscribe it yeah thank you for watching it

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