Why do some people Sweat more than others? | #aumsum

Why do some people Sweat more than others? | #aumsum

It’s AumSum Time Hi guys. Can you guess the title of my next video? Hurry up. Write your guess in the comments section below. Why do some people sweat more than others? Because they like the smell of their sweat. Oh gross. No. Sweating or perspiration is a very essential
process. Sweat absorbs heat from our body and evaporates, thus helping us regulate our body temperature. Now, during exceptional situations, such as on a hot day or while exercising. It is okay to sweat more than usual. But some people keep on sweating even under normal conditions. Such excessive sweating is the result of a
condition called hyperhidrosis. In this condition, the sweat glands overreact and produce more sweat than necessary. Besides this, caffeine in coffee and nicotine in cigarettes also make us sweat more. In addition to this, men tend to sweat more
than women. How do antiperspirants work? They work overtime and don’t even take incentives. No. A type of sweat gland called apocrine gland produces sweat which has fats and proteins. Bacteria on our skin eat these fats and proteins and produce bad odors. The odor is really gross. Hence, to mask the odors, we use deodorants or antiperspirants. Deodorants make the environment too acidic or too salty for the bacteria to thrive. Thus, preventing the production of odors. On the other hand. Antiperspirants enter the tube through which the sweat comes onto the skin. Form a gel like substance. This gel blocks the tube preventing the sweat from coming onto the skin. If there is no sweat for the bacteria to eat,
then there will be no odor. However, according to experts, some deodorants and antiperspirants contain toxic components. Hence, we should avoid their excess usage. Why don’t penguin’s feet freeze? Because they wear anti-freezing socks. No. Penguins live in very cold climates and walk on ice. Hence, penguins have developed certain adaptations, to avoid losing body heat. To protect their feet from freezing. One of the adaptations includes a mechanism called countercurrent heat exchange. What is that? Wait, I’ll explain. At the top of a penguin’s feet, the arteries
and veins wrap around each other. Now, when warm blood flows through the arteries to the feet. Much of the heat from the warm blood gets transferred to the cold blood in veins. Which is carrying blood away from the feet. In this way, penguins don’t lose heat from
their feet to the ground. Also, the blood which reaches the feet is just warm enough to keep the feet above freezing point. Helping the penguin to not get frostbite. Topic: Pimples Why do we get pimples? Coz they don’t want me to look handsome. No. Pimples are caused due to the activity of
sebaceous gland present in our skin. This gland produces an oily substance called sebum. Sebum comes up to the skin surface through a pore and moisturizes our hair and skin. Like a moisturizer. Absolutely. However, sometimes the pore gets blocked due to dead skin cells. Due to this blockage, the sebum gets accumulated, creating a bump. As sebum is a very good source of nutrients for the bacteria in our skin. They start to grow in that area, leading to an infection. Our immune system responds to this infection by sending blood and immune cells. Blood makes the area red whereas the immune cells kill the bacteria. Resulting in inflammation and formation of a pimple. Why are some people always cold? We human beings generate heat in our body during muscle movement, metabolism, etc. Most of this heat is used to maintain our
body temperature and keep us warm. However, some people always feel cold. This might be because they are suffering from hyperthyroidism. In hyperthyroidism, our thyroid gland which regulates metabolism does not function properly. As a result, our metabolism slows down and less heat is generated due to which we feel cold. Another possibility is a disorder called Raynaud’s disease. When a person having this disorder is stressed or is exposed to cold conditions. The arteries of his hands and legs become narrow. Hence, warm blood is not transported efficiently to his hands and legs, making his extremities feel cold. In addition to this. Less muscle mass, low iron levels and smoking may also make some people always feel cold.

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  1. Did you like the Video??

    Watch More Videos : https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLRSIe0MUxDnc8XTEEimvXmuPAMc9cpBIA

  2. I sweat mostly on my upper lips and underarms. My makeup washes away if i am not in aircondition. Also i think anti-perspirant are horrible and dangerous. We should not block sweat coming. No one should use anti-perspirants.

  3. I love the video please check your info about hyperthyroidism and other info it would be great thank you.

  4. I have Hyperhidrosis and trust me living with this sucks !
    I can't operate cell phone and tablet properly, can't sharp my pencils , always have to spread hanky on notebook first only then l can write . Things slip away from my hands. I can't wear cute beautiful sandles like other girls cause my soles are always slippery too.

    The currency notes l hold for 5 seconds get wet too. I hate living like this. I feel embarrassed around people because of this. I'm tired.


  5. I liked the way you put your videos. Keep it up. And some people are that you facts are wrong, i didnt cross check them. If the facts are right, people don't have a life. If wrong please double check your facts because you are telling/explaining science and science facts should be 100% true as you are educating all kind of people out there especially kids.??✌?✌?

  6. Are u sure it's hyperthyroidism? I think it should be hypothyroidism leading to less functioning thyroid gland.

  7. Living things is created by Gods design. We are not evolving were just made for a specific purpose 🙂

  8. U r really gud … have answers to most of the questions tht i hv almost daily in my mind ☺️
    Keep up the good work ?all the v best

  9. Buddy please please I request you to make video on white hair in Young age… Reason and solution tell us please …

  10. I sweat a lot because here in the Philippines. it is very RARE to get a cold effin weather :< but ph is still bootiful

  11. I have a hyperthyroidism …one of the problem is my fast metabolism….so I think u r wrong about ur theory….

  12. I have this condition, but I see it as a blessing… Since it's easy for me to lose weight and barely get fat from eating fatty food.??

  13. I sweat when I go to school eventhough I commute that's why when I go to school it was like my body is starting to smell. Very embarassing.

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