Why do we sweat? | #aumsum

Why do we sweat? | #aumsum

Topic: Thermoregulation. Why do we sweat? It is a natural way of our body to take a
bath. No. Sweating helps in thermoregulation. Thermoregulation is the process by which organisms maintain their internal body temperature. Now, the internal body temperature of a human is about 37 degrees Celsius or 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Our enzymes and hormones work best at this temperature. Hence, thermoregulation is very important
for us. Well, If you ask my opinion, chocolate syrup is very important for me. Just listen. On a sunny day or during exercise, when our body temperature increases, our sweat glands produce sweat. This sweat is about 99% water. Water is a very good heat absorbent. It absorbs much of our body heat and evaporates into the atmosphere. Helping us lose heat and thus maintaining our body temperature.

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  1. 2nd to comment…..!! Your channel is the best educational channel…….. Pls make a video on conduction radiation and convection of heat……??

  2. well, the video is very nicely done, but not very accurate. It's not that water is taking in heat (energy) and transports it into the atmosphere. What's actually happening is that sweat as a liquid is changing into gaseous form. This reaction is energy (heat)-consuming (endogen). That's how we lose our heat (energy) and cool down. This concept is way more accurate and not that hard to explain (pot over a fire–> water turns to gas)

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  4. ur animations are THE BEST….i can understand anything from ur videos with a SMILE….can u also upload videos for the portions of class 11 and 12 …especially physics…plzzz

  5. I have started to watching your videos from 2018 now I watched at least 20 videos ????☝???????????????????????

  6. What is the difference between Weight and Mass ?
    Explain by your video creation, I am waiting for this video.
    Verry knowladgeble your video which is understand for all people easly.
    Love You & Thank you AumSum Time.

  7. Very amazing and smart learning videos…. Thanks a lot and headsoff for u r creative videos which r understanding for everyone…

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