Why do woolen clothes keep us warm? | #aumsum

Why do woolen clothes keep us warm? | #aumsum

Topic: Heat. Why do woolen clothes keep us warm? The night is quite cold and you have worn
cotton clothes. Why don’t you wear some woolen clothes? They will keep you warm. Please listen to me. Look. You are shivering. At least now wear some woolen clothes. Now you are feeling warm, right? Do you know why? Wait, I will tell you. Both wool and cotton are bad conductors of heat. They do not conduct or transmit heat to the surrounding. Then why do we feel warm only in woolen clothes? This is because, in woolen clothes. There are many more tiny spaces as compared to that in cotton clothes. Due to these extra tiny spaces, woolen clothes trap more air as compared to cotton clothes. Now, since air is a bad conductor of heat. Woolen clothes containing more air, do not allow much of our body heat to escape into the atmosphere. Thus keeping us warm.

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  1. Hey smart learning for all it's been a long you uploaded a video with mr smart why is that so?(I'm not that attach with the mr smart animation just asking)

  2. Sorry. I mean send the video of Conductors and Insulators. Why are Conductors are warmer than Insulators?

  3. Did you like the Video??

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  4. If cotton cloth does not have any tiny places to pass the air through it then why everyone suggests us to wear cotton cloths in summer??

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