– This video has been probably one of my most awaited videos for a while and that is going to
be a Wild Fable try on. You guys, I went a little overboard. I definitely have what
Jenna Marbles has coined the too much gene, I
don’t know when to stop. I think I have four large
bags/boxes of clothes to go through, so this might
be a long video, buckle up. Wild Fable is one of my
top favorite clothing lines that has come out in so long. I feel like it really
encapsulates my style really well. It’s size-inclusive as well. I believe they go from
sizes zero to 18 or 20 which is awesome and I wish
every brand would do that, but either way I ordered so much stuff. I paid more of my own money than I would like to admit for this video. And before we get started, I
wanna say a quick thank you to the sponsor of today’s video. That is HelloFresh. You guys know I have
worked with them many times on my channel before. I absolutely love HelloFresh. We stan HelloFresh in this household. HelloFresh makes cooking delicious meals at home a reality regardless
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HelloFresh many, many times as you guys have seen on my channel and it’s just so convenient and easy, especially now living in L.A. Currently we both work from home, so it’s just nice and convenient to be able to have these meals
delivered to your doorstop. To get started with eight
free meals, that’s $80 off your first month of
HelloFresh, go to hellofresh.com and use the coupon code
CARRIEDAYTON80 to get this promo. So, let’s go ahead and get started and try on more hundreds of dollars than I would like to admit of Wild Fable clothes
from Target, let’s go. Okay, so the first thing I knew I had to try on was this pair of jeans. I love paper bag jeans
and these are amazing. I got these in a size 14. They were $24 and I like the wash of them. I first saw these when my
friend Sierra Schultzzie talked about them in one of her videos. They were a lighter wash, but these darker ones
are really, really fun for fall and winter. Honestly, these are a lot bigger than I anticipated and the
typical Wild Fable jeans, like the mom jean style
I almost wear a 16. I’m a little more comfortable
in a 16 than a 14, but these are a 14 and I feel
like I should go down to a 12. So that’s just something to note. I mean, it’s an elastic waistband and I notice a lot of
sagging off of the bottom, but I don’t know. Why did I just say bottom? Am I 80? I don’t know if there are
supposed to fit that way. If they’re supposed to be a little bit more loose at the butt, but I feel like I would
almost wanna a size down. But then again, would I want them to
fit like skinny jeans? No, I wouldn’t. So maybe I just should
get used to the fact that these are gonna be a
little more loosey goosey if you will, but they’re so comfortable. I like the crop, I mean,
ignore my white socks. My feet are cold, what can you do? And for 24 bucks that’s
a pretty good price, so okay, let’s keep going. I wanna try on a couple of jackets. I ordered, I think, four different jackets from Wild Fable because I
just saw so many of them and there were all so cute. I don’t know what I’m
gonna do with all of them because I live in California,
it’s not that cold. But this first one is a,
I think they called it a trucker denim jacket, it was $32. I got a XXL because I like my denim jackets really oversized. I guess I’m not really
wearing the perfect top to judge this but we will see. Okay, it feels very comfy. The sleeve is good. I hate wearing a denim jacket and not being able to bend my arm in it, so that’s good so far. This is so cute! Oh yeah, this is everything
I look for in a denim jacket. The sleeves aren’t too long, they aren’t too short,
they’re a good size. I like the medium wash. All of my denim jackets, as you can see back here, like this vest. I have a lot of light wash, but I don’t have a lot of medium to dark, so this is really good. I love this. I feel like sizing up was definitely a good move with that one. Now next we have a
leather jacket over here. Well, it’s a fake leather jacket. And this one I did get in
a size double XL as well. I thought maybe something
oversized might be cute. I don’t know, I might of
made a mistake with that, but is $35, so not bad. And it’s kind of more of like a biker-looking leather
jacket if you will. Oh, wait a minute. Oh yeah. Okay, this buckle is annoying me, so let’s just do that. Oh yes! I probably wouldn’t wear
it with this exact outfit, but with maybe a cute little
fall, plaid skirt action, like a little white top underneath. (laughs) Yeah, this is it. I’ve been waiting for the perfect, my hands are stuck in the pockets, hello. I’ve been waiting for the perfect
fall/winter leather jacket and I think this has to be it. Honestly, I’m glad that
I went with this one ’cause I feel like if I went for an XL, it would be just a little tight for me on the arms area, so I’m glad
that I went with this one. If you’re considering it and you want it to fit more like this, I
would suggest sizing up. But yeah, we’re off to a great start. So far I love everything. Another jacket is this peacoat I guess you will trench
coat type of jacket. I got this in an extra large. It’s this beautiful, long coat which I’ve never had one like this. I haven’t had a pea coat
since, I don’t, 2007. Looking at this jacket, it just makes me wanna
go back to London so bad. Somebody hold me. I forgot to say it’s $48, so a little bit more pricey
than the other items. But we will see. Hm. Hm. I don’t know if I saw it going this way. I feel like on me it looks
like I’m wearing a robe. I’m wearing a robe. (laughs) I really wanted this to work. I don’t know if it’s
just ’cause I’m looking in the viewfinder, but it doesn’t really
look chic on me at all. Maybe if I was wearing the
right accessories with it, like if I was wearing some heel booties. I feel like I’m wearing my grandpa’s coat and I’m a two-year old. You know how a T-shirt fits on a toddler? Like that’s how I feel right now. The socks really aren’t helping
with the look, are they? No, they’re not. You guys will have to let
me know what you think. I don’t know, it’s kind of growing on me, but I kind of hate it at the same time. I actually probably need to
size down to a large in this one if I was to keep it. I’m quite undecided on this one. And then this last jacket was the very first item I picked out. When I saw this jacket online I was like, “Okay, now I need to do this video.” And this is like a
fleece, I don’t even know, puffy leopard print jacket. It’s $40, I did get it in an XL. It has a little clasp hook. So I guess it doesn’t have
buttons down the front. I don’t know if I can pull this off, but I’m gonna try, girl. Hm. Hm. I’m sort of torn in
between is it cute in chic or it is like pimp vibes? The fit is great, I love the little purple
lining on the inside. I think that helps with the
pimp theme a little bit, but I do like that about it. I think it’s really cute and trendy. I’m gonna have to play around with it. I think this would be cuter
with maybe a black skirt or something like white underneath. I think just the combo of what I have it on with isn’t my favorite, but
with something else I think this is a really, really cute look. I’m definitely gonna keep it, I just need to play around
with how I’m gonna wear it. I’m ready to do something different on the top and on the bottom. So I’m seeing a skirt right here that is also the paper bag waist. And this is just this little denim number. It’s an acid wash black. I ordered this is an XXL, I
don’t think I meant to do that. It’s $17, so really cost efficient. So let’s see what this looks like. Okay, cute, cute. I will say, I mean, it is big. It’s probably a little too big. The length is pretty short,
I’m actually kind of surprised. Maybe you’re supposed
to wear it lower down, and then the top that I wanna go with it. Well I mean, I have several tops, but this one caught my eye. I love this color, it’s very fall to me and this is in an extra large, it’s $24. It’s like a, I guess,
slightly cropped kind of cowl. No, not cowl neck. What is that? Scoop neck sweater, if you will. So let’s see. Yeah, this sweater is great. It’s nice and loose and flowy. It’s cropped enough to
make it more modern. Like I wear a lot of high-waisted jeans. So sometimes when I have
sweaters that go down to here, it’s like not that cute of a look. So you’re able to tuck it in a little bit, do a little French tuck if you want to. Very modern, very cute, and very soft, like buttery, buttery soft. It’s almost like a
chenille type of material. Love the color, jewel tones are definitely popping right now. I guess next what I will
show is this flannel. Now, you guys know I’m
a sucker for a flannel. I’ve been buying a lot
of brown flannels lately, but this red one is everything. We’ll do the test right here and now. I mean not super long. That’s something that I feel like needs to be a thing for us like
mid to plus size gals. Like we need sleeves long enough to be able to tie around our waist. I mean, this will do. It’s not the longest sleeve I’ve ever seen in my entire life, but we can go ahead and see
what it’ll like on as well. Oh, and by the way, this is an XXL. I wanted it to be oversized and it’s $25. it actually doesn’t even look
too bad, but this sweater. I probably wouldn’t
choose to wear it with it, like I’d wear something different, but with this skirt, that’s cute! Okay yeah, this one’s definitely a keeper. I mean, it’s a flannel. What else can I say about it? But, gonna keep it. Next is something that I
was like, you know what? I’m just gonna try it for
the sake of the video. I have no freaking clue, but it is these overalls that
are this warm, brown color. Actually, they look kind of
cute with this underneath. So let’s see. They’re like a utility
overall type of vibe. Material looks and feels really stiff, so I’m not entirely sure about it. It’s $30, I got ’em in a size extra large. I don’t know, we’ll see. Okay, wait a second. These are a look. I had absolutely no idea how I was gonna feel about these. And in fact I kind of more thought that I was gonna hate them, but these are actually so cute. Are they the most comfy things I’ve ever worn in my entire life? No, of course not, but
they’re kind of a look. Like, this is a fall vibe for sure. I would need to figure
out a shoes situation that would go with these, like a Doc Marten maybe, I don’t know. I really love the color, I really like this color
combo together actually or even just a plain
white sweater underneath this would be cute, a white mock neck. Definitely gonna keep
these, did not expect that, and now we’re gonna try on a dress. This little dress here is
kind of like a 90s vibe which you guys know I love. That’s like my number one love. I don’t know, it’s a square neck dress. I’m not sure. It’s definitely a dress that I wore at my piano recital in 1996, but could it be modernized
with some Doc Martens and a cute belt and
maybe a leather jacket? Yes, probably. We’re going for Julia Gulia
vibes here again, guys. Let’s see how this goes. All right, so hear me out. I first tried this on
and I had the sleeves like, brace yourselves, like this. (dramatic music) And I legit looked like an
ugly thrift store challenge type of vibe, but then I kind of lowered
the sleeves down a little bit and I pictured the right accessories. So like I said, a black leather jacket, some Doc Martens and suddenly
this is a very cute look. It’s kind of hard to judge just by this. I can’t remember I mentioned it, but it’s a size extra large and it’s $28, so pretty affordable. The material is really
stretchy, it’s really nice, it has a black lining
underneath as you can see. It’s long enough to where you can wear your full bike shorts, love
that about winter and fall. If you’re envisioning the same thing I am, we’re on the right track, so next outfit. I’m gonna try these on together. It is like a mesh kind of mock neck top. It’s floral, I thought it might
be cute underneath things. I’m ordering a lot of
overalls and skirts lately. It’s an extra large, it’s $18. And then I found these corduroy overalls that are that kind of same
emerald jewel-toned color. These are a size XXL because overalls always tend
to run kind of small on me and these are $28. So, let’s put these on together. Okay, so for this look the
overalls are definitely too big. I don’t know what I was thinking. 100% need to size down to an XL, but the color is gorgeous,
the length is perfect. I love the velvet corduroy feel. The top is great too. I mean, it’s a little bit
elastic-y in the top here, so like, I don’t know if
you guys know this about me, but I cannot have things
tight around my neck. So this is slightly making
me freak out a little bit. The mesh vibe overall
feels really, really good and it actually comes
with a little tank top already built in underneath it
which is really, really nice. Most places that sell these mesh tops or these more see through tops
like this don’t have that, so I was very pleasantly
surprised about that. Such a cute look overall. I’m super bummed that I’m gonna have to wait and return these. I’m feeling myself in this for sure. All right, speed things up a bit. I already put on this next look. These pants are kind of like a stretchy, business, work pant material. If you were going to work
and needed some comfortable, affordable mid-sized
pants, these are great. I did order these in a double
XL and they’re $24, again. I don’t know what I was thinking. I definitely need to size down to an XL, but it’s weird because
it’s just so hit or miss with different brands. Like I was certain that
these were gonna be that stiff material, so
I did go for a double XL. Mistake. The sweater is great, love
this jewel tone color. Again, jewel tones are very in right now. It’s $24, it’s a V-neck as opposed to the other little swoop neck one. It’s cropped, it’s nice. These pants I’m not feeling at all. I don’t even think I would feel them even if they were my size. I thought that it might be a cute combo like the little plaid
kind of thing going on, but I just don’t think
it’s my vibe necessarily. Now I’m gonna try on a skirt with this. I love a plaid skirt and sweater combo for fall, it’s probably my favorite look. And this one is just a kind of simple, black and white plaid. It’s a little bit like
criss-cross 90s vibes. It’s a size extra large, it was $20. So, relatively affordable. Oh yeah, this was exactly
what I was hoping for, a nice below the knee sort of mini length. Perfect for this time of year. You can tuck it in the front if you want, you can just leave it
out, it’s very flattering. It is pretty loose, but honestly, I think I wanna keep it this
way ’cause when I wash it, I feel like it’ll shrink
down a little bit. It’s just nice and comfortable. You don’t want anything too
tight around your waist. So, this one, 10 out of
10, love it, so excited. Whoo, okay, we have kind
of a fail, you guys. I am really confused about this because these pants look great. They look so, so cute,
I love the look of them. Material, not good, not stretchy at all. Like this is as high up
as I can lift my leg. Like this. I love the tones of this like
mixed with my background. I feel like this is just such a vibe. So these are $28 and they’re a size 16 which I was concerned about this because Target pants can
be kind of hit or miss with sizing and I tried on
those size 14 paper bag jeans and they were out to here. So I’m just a little confused. They’re just so, so, so
tight in the stomach area especially with the belt added to it. I’m actually kind of starting
to get a stomachache, but these are the cutest pants ever. They’re such 70s vibes. I really want them to
work, but I don’t know if it’s just the way my body is built because I have a larger midsection area, but it’s just really cinched at the waist. Not my size at all, so I would either need
to go up to a size 18 which is not my size at all or I might just return them, I’m not sure. But they’re so cute. I’m so sad to be ending it on a bad note, but these gotta go. (optimistic music) So, I hope you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, give it a thumbs up. Don’t forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven’t already. I love you guys so, so much. Thank you so much for watching this video, and I will see you in the next one, bye. (upbeat music) ♪ You’re my ♪ ♪ You’re my feeling ♪

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