Will Ferrell Reveals Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Sweat

Will Ferrell Reveals Mark Wahlberg Doesn’t Sweat

I would imagine you to be the dark one and yet-
>>He’s not.>>You’re not, you’re like a softy.>>Thank you.>>And you know what else
I’ve learned about Mark?>>What?
>>Over the years. He doesn’t ever sweat.>>[LAUGH]
>>Because we’ve, no.>>[LAUGH]
>>He sweats profusely.>>Because we’ve done interviews together
and all of a sudden I’m just break out sweating profusely and Mark just goes,
what’s going on, you okay?>>[LAUGH]
>>Is there a problem, I’m like, I don’t know, I said it’s hot in here,
he’s like no it’s not, I’m good. And he’ll be in a wool suit with a tie and
a vest, looking perfect.>>Do you sweat, I mean when you?>>Yeah, if I work out.>>If you work out. Probably because you work out so
much you release all those toxins and that you don’t sweat in a normal way.>>[LAUGH]
>>Whatever.>>I don’t work out.>>That’s why.>>[LAUGH]
>>And I eat a lot of beef jerky.>>[LAUGH]
>>And that may be contributing to the problem.>>That may be why. So any exertion at all makes you sweat.>>It just does, yeah.

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  1. Hola hellen te quería pedir algo siempre veo que tu regalas cosas a la gente y pensé si podrías regalarnos algo nosotros no te menos plata para teles ni celulares ni una casa yo tengo que vender dulces para ganar plata y por eso te pedía ese gran favor si algún día lo lees soy de chile valparaiso espero que lo leas

  2. Will is literally me, like I swear I can barely be doing anything or it can be just a little warm, sometimes even in the cold, like I sweat sooo much, it's gross and nobody wants to touch me 🙁

  3. Mark doesn't need to sweat. He's so hot everyone else sweats around him. Isn't that how science works? Hey, I still remember those Calvin Klein ads and they're the only reason I like CK. 😂

  4. Guys dont hate will for his shoes….perhaps he thought the camera won't get into the low area including the shoes…lol

  5. Idk but i feel like mark is not a real approachable or guy or maybe he was feeling quit that day anyone else? I just feel like will might be slightly nicer

  6. Working out actually trains your body TO sweat. I remember when I started running. I'd be sweating, doing nothing, all day lol

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