WHAT’S GOOD?! I’m back again with another video And today I’m going to share with you guys a winter basics haul! I don’t know if you’ve been following any of my recent fashion videos but basically I’m trying to curate my closet I’m trying to curate my wardrobe. These
are a few of the things that I purchased and I’m gonna try them on and let’s get
to it! I got this big huge jacket from Zara and this is like an oversized bomber jacket. this is an extra small, believe it or not. It’s so big. It’s just so cute! and it’s so comfortable and the best part about this is that it is
reversible so on one side you have like this faux fur. This is super soft it’s
not like that plasticky filling faux fur this one is so soft it honestly feels
like mink but it obviously is not and then because it’s reversible, you got another
side which is a more like… I don’t know like waterproof nylon type of situation
on the other side here. YES MA’AM Ugh, this is so cute. I freaking love this. Honestly
this is like an all-in-one jacket. If you were out on the town
and it starts raining…OH MY GOSH! This jacket has got you covered. All you have
to do is…BOOM! inside out, youknowwhatimsayin It’s a perfect winter basic because it
serves many many functions in just one jacket, so… OH and the best part is it
still has pockets youknowwhatimsayin it has pockets on both sides so… YES Alright, the next item that I got, I literally just got in the mail like 10 minutes ago. Right before I film this video. It is from Express. It’s like this
burgundy or like wine colored half zip sweater. These are super trendy right
now but I really like the style of these. Even when these are no longer trending
and they like kind of go out of style, I will still wear them so I decided to
have this be a part of my winter basics collection. I haven’t tried it on yet.
I’ll try it on right now but my only concern is that I just put it on my felt hanger and there’s a lot of shedding. So that is my only concern. I almost don’t want to put it over my white shirt! You know what, I’m gonna take this shirt off actually and just put it over my sports bra. ~~I hOpE mY nEiGhBoRs ArEn’T lOoKiNg HehaHEhaeh~~ MMMMMM I DON’T WANNA GET MAKEUP ON IT OOH actually you know what…This is super cute. :O oH mY gOsH tHiS iS sO cUtE!!111!one THE COLOR IS GORGEOUS :O!!! oh my GOD Oh, I love it. Okay. Yes ma’am! My ONLY concern though is the shedding. I
hope the shedding isn’t that bad. but otherwise…oh my gosh. I don’t even remember if I mention this but this is from Express! Express really did
something here on this day! Alright this is the next item that I purchased. This is also from Express it’s like a black v-neck cable knit style sweater with
stripes down at these side. You guys know that I love a good v-neck sweater
or like varsity sweaters. This is very varsity sweater-esque to me so YOU KNOW HOW I HAD TO COP! And it’s also black! I don’t have a black varsity sweater so this is totally my style. It fits on the body really well. Remember when I held that red Express jacket in my arms? WELL…it shed onto my white shirt! Moral of the story here folks, is don’t wear that jacket with anything white. SPEAKING OF WHITE, the next thing that I got is this turtleneck cable knit sweater. Also from Express! I think Express is totally underrated and nobody believes me but Express really does make some points Express if you’re watching this and you wanna sponsor me, that would be totally okay with me hEhE OH THIS IS A TURTLENECK how am I
gonna do my makeup with this one??!!??! Look how cute this is! It’s super cozy. Even
though it’s a little bit of a loose fit, the shape still works
really well with my body shape and I really like that it is a little bit long
because even when it’s long, the shape is just very flattering. But I do like to, you know, play with it up here maybe like tuck it in. It’s a very versatile sweater so there’s a lot of different things that you can do with it. And if you watch my channel, you know I do love a good
turtleneck! if you watched my closet cleanout video where I decluttered my sweaters, I realized that I am NOT a fan of boatneck necklines so I bought three
sweaters to replace some of the boatneck neckline sweaters that I have in my
closet and this is one of them. She’s super cute,
she’s also from Express! Express be making some points!
Y’all don’t believe me but I’m telling you… One of these days, they gon blow up and then you gon think: Asia really said something here on this day! For some people, this is more of a trendy piece than a basic but for me, this is a basic lol But it is this gold blazer from Zara. This is going to be
perfect for like New Year’s parties or idk, anything at night, basically. As you can see it is pretty long so what I would wear under this is
a short slip dress and then just like leave
it open. Wear the dress, leave this open, and have this like be a topper, youknowwhatimsayin This is a really simple button-up blouse from Aritzia. I believe this is a Canadian company. I already have white button-down shirts
but one of them is a hundred percent cotton which is not great for a shirt
like this because cotton wrinkles super easily and I like the material of this
because it doesn’t really wrinkle as easily as my other shirts do. Also, this
is like a really really nice fit on my body. The length is perfect on my body, I
really like where the shoulders are, I like that there’s a pocket right here–I
love button-down shirts that have a pocket right here because it just makes
it more dynamic I guess? Like it makes it less boring. I’ve been wanting to wear
button-downs more often and I just don’t have any that I really like so I really like
that I bought this one and you can wear this casually. You can wear these
like with nice joggers, you can wear them with jeans, you can dress it down or
you can dress it up! I got this–UGH LOOK HOW CUTE THIS SWEATER IS This is also by Sunday Best from Aritzia. Oof. I probably got makeup all over that. LOOK HOW CUTE IT IS WOOOO First of all, I like that it is not a boatneck neckline.
Second of all, I really like the fit of this and at first I thought the sleeves
were kind of weird like it seemed like it was too long but I like how like
balloony it looks youknowwhatimsayin and then you can also like
scrunch it up here and make it three quarters and it still looks pretty cute! I love the colors of it, I love the horizontal stripes/the pattern. Then I got a flannel from good ol’ Abercrombie & Fitch! So all of the Abercrombie brands have like… rebranded Like Hollister & Abercrombie… their prices
have dropped, and their stores aren’t the same anymore. Hollister is not as dark as I remember it being when I was in high school! Hollister stores used to be SO dark that you couldn’t see anything and now they’re like bright and open, and there’s a lot of space, and things go on
sale, and a t-shirt doesn’t cost $60 lmao Idk, I really like the rebranding
that they did. It’s more accessible. BUT ANYWAY as I went on a marketing rant lmao… In my how to build a fall wardrobe with basics video, I showed a flannel that
I’ve had since 2013 Basically since I graduated high school! and I was like , “I don’t need another flannel ever!” And that wasn’t quite true lol…I still love that
flannel and I’m still gonna keep it, But I noticed that I couldn’t wear that by
itself as a shirt because it’s not really a shirt. It’s supposed to be outerwear. It came with a hood but I detached the hood because I didn’t like it lmao So I realized that I needed a flannel that I could wear by itself as a shirt, and this is the one that I found at Abercrombie & Fitch ~yes, you know, just um… serving you some lumberjack~ These also came in my Express package right before
I filmed this video so I haven’t tried these on yet. One is a bodysuit and then
the other one is not a bodysuit. I really wish that this was in a body suit version because this one is ribbed while this one has no texture. I really love ribbed items. I believe these were also on sale; I wouldn’t buy this for thirty dollars. actually I WOULD buy this for thirty dollars…who am I kidding lmao…. SO cut! This is exactly what I wanted! So as you can see, this is a bodysuit but this is exactly what I wanted! I’m not wearing a bra rn so sorry if you can see everything lmao This is exactly what I was looking for: just a basic off-the-shoulder black top. I already have a black top like this, however it’s not a bodysuit. This is a terrible example, but you know how it in this outfit, the top is “tucked inside” my pants but it doesn’t bunch up around the sides? WELL that is
because it’s a bodysuit youknowwhatimsayin So if you ever want something
to fit your body like a glove like a top to fit your body like a glove I would
highly recommend getting it in a bodysuit version because that’s the only
way you’re going to achieve this situation. Otherwise if it was just a
shirt, it would like be bunching up around the sides. Alright and then this
is the second off the shoulder top that I bought. Hold on let me untuck this so
you can see it She’s still cute, BUT see what I mean when I say it bunches up around the waistline area? This one dips in the center. I didn’t
realize that it did that but it kind of dips in the center, so it’s a ~different~ type of off the shoulder top. She’s kinda different~~ OUUUUU SHE’S DIFFERENT Oh, is it supposed to go all the way down
here? I DUNNO You can wear it however you want. Alright, and I got another bodysuit but this one is from Aritzia. It’s just a cami/tank style She fits my body so well and the cool thing about
this is that it’s also ribbed! Idk if you can see that actually but
she’s ribbed. I’m going to move into pantalones real quick! I got these camo joggers, also from Aritzia. I don’t know if you guys know my friend
Josh but he bought a pair of camo joggers from Off/White. They look so good on him.
I also tried on a pair, but the only thing is that they are a men’s cargo pant so they
don’t make them in woman sizes so I tried on the smallest men’s size that
they had and it was still really big on me and I’m super sad because I wanted
them so bad. I should have just bought them and got them tailored but whatever it
already happened lol But I went to Aritzia and I found these cargo joggers They’re kind of similar… Obviously the Off/White ones are cooler because it has like that buckle around the leg But uh this also isn’t ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS youknowwhatimsayin So…she still made some points here! Here they are! It’s funny because
with this bodysuit I literally look like I’m in the military. Like literally just
got out basic training (and ready for marriage) Wow, you know what…I actually I really like this look. She’s kinda cute! And then I actually bought these next pair of pants last month or like two months ago They are these Zara skinny jeans with like this moto detailing right here Here are those black skinny jeans. I really like that they cut off a little bit short like they cut right at the ankle which I
prefer for jeans. I hate it when skinny jeans go like all the way down there and
it creates like all this bunching near the ankle area. It looks weird. And I love
the zippers on this as well it’s still a basic but like the detailing makes it
more unique of a piece. And the last item that I purchased is this really cute slip dress. It is like a velvet type of material. Slips are really trendy right now but you should have one in your wardrobe regardless of
the trend anyway because it’s a basic. And depending on the color you get
you know this is an “LBD”–a Little Black Dress ~because I got it in the black color~ You can wear this with anything. I wore this to karaoke with a faux fur coat and she was super cute… You could wear this under anything. OH! You could wear it with this blazer! YOUNOWWHATIMSAYIN? She’s versatile, she necessary. You have to have an LBD or like a little slip dress in your wardrobe. Alright. That was super exhausting. Those were some of the winter wardrobe basics
that I purchased to add to my closet and kind of replace things that I already
have that I am not in love with. Thank you guys so much for watching this video. Give this video a thumbs up if you are also going to curate your wardrobe for the
new year Subscribe if you haven’t already and
I’ll catch you guys next time PEACE!

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  1. I need that burgundy zip up it's so cute!❤️they have a sale for 50% off online and in the store recently I wish I picked some things up😞but I love this tryout on haul!love your videos Asia❤️

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    Asia: 'I really love ribbed items!'
    Dirty-minded viewers: '…okay, so you like ribbed d*ldos…?'

    I'm so sorry, I'll leave. 😂😭

    Edit: "y'know what i'm sayin?" 😂

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  11. Hey boo! What size did you get the Aritzia white button down in? I bought a GUESS blazer in your size and it fit so well 🖤

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  14. i love express, it’s just pricey but their style and quality is worth it! they have 40% student discount as well if you show ur student id ✨

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