Winter Dry Eyes Treatment – 5 Dry Eye Tips

Winter Dry Eyes Treatment – 5 Dry Eye Tips

dry eye syndrome is becoming an epidemic
with more and more people experiencing dry red burning stinging eyes which can
lead to blurred vision and fluctuating vision and it gets even worse here in
the wintertime so in this video I’m gonna be sharing with you five tips
that’ll help you with your dry eye symptoms let’s take a look hello and
welcome this is dr. Allen here from the doctor Eye Health show helping you learn
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additional information and links about all of the pro tips that we’re
mentioning here include those in the video description below. now dry eye
syndrome can affect people at any time throughout the year but it gets
particularly worse here in the winter time as the winter time air is very dry
the humidity is very low and that allows the tears on your eye to evaporate much
faster so tip number one is to consider getting a humidifier keeping a
humidifier nearby whether that be in your living room your bedroom or in your
office next to your desk is gonna help increase the humidity in the room that
you’re in and that’s going to decrease how fast your tears are going to
evaporate from the surface of the eye I personally keep a humidifier in the
bedroom next to where I sleep so that when I wake up in the morning my eyes
aren’t burning and stinging there many different brands of humidifiers out
there but they do recommend you invest in one that’s a little bit nicer one
that has a low sound output otherwise the motor that comes out can become a
little distracting and a bonus pro tip is that if you are using a humidifier
make sure you’re using distilled water and not just tap water as tap water will
have minerals and different particulate matter that will get vaporized and that
will end up in the air you could breathe that in and it can even clog the furnace
which is actually happened to me before tip number two is to pay attention to
where moving air is coming from particularly if it’s from a window a
furnace or a fan as moving air will brush across the surface of the eye and
therefore increase the amount of evaporation from the surface of the eye
this is really important for somebody who maybe has an office with a vent
above them it’s blowing directly into their eyes and for anybody that’s
driving a long period of time especially here in the winter when you have a
defrost on that defroster can thrower that air right
into your eyes same thing if you’re someone who sleeps with a fan blowing
directly into the eyes make sure to turn that a little bit away so that air isn’t
drying out your eyes at nighttime tip number three is that if you are going to
be outside and it’s very windy out thankfully right now there’s really no
wind but if it was windy out you want to make sure that you’re wearing sunglasses
or regular glasses some sort of eye protection that blocks from the side as
air that brushes across the eye again it’s gonna cause that evaporation so if
you can have a pair of glasses or sunglasses with a face wrap around them
that’s gonna add extra protection from any wind coming from the side tip number
four is that if you’re somebody with moderate to severe dry eye then consider
them getting a pair of moisture goggles now this is a really cool brand of
moisture goggles that I found called Ziena, Ziena is a brand that makes like
these cool little side shields for a pair of glasses that not only looks more
stylish but also comes with a prescription lens where most moisture
goggles out there they’re just plain old lenses and they frankly don’t look very
attractive one thing I’d mention is that you do want to find a frame where these
silicone insert fits very snugly along the side of your face otherwise the air
is just going to evaporate through the size of the frame anyway so if you can’t
find an optical near you that has these frames you can try them out that’d be
the best otherwise the website does offer a free trial program that way they
can send you a few pairs that you can try on at home and figure out what your
size is gonna be the best for you and they actually reached out to the Ziena
brand and they offered a special discount for my viewers if you want to
check them out you can use this code at checkout to save 10 percent. tip number
five is that if you’re somebody who is very reliant on using artificial tears
to keep your eyes moist throughout the day then make sure you’re using a high
quality artificial tear best to be using the one that is recommended to you by
your local eye doctor as they know the surface of your eye and which one is
gonna probably work the best if you’re using eye drops more than four or five
times a day it’s often recommended to use a non preserved artificial tear as
these don’t have preservatives that can over time maybe cause a ludic reactions
and other problems to the surface of the eye here in the winter I often like to
recommend gel drops or something that’s a little bit thicker that can stay and
last longer on the surface of the eye rather than just again drying out really
quickly the only real downside to these thicker drops is that they can cause
blurred vision a little bit if you want a little bit more but my favorite dry
eye drop do have another video going over that if
you want to check that out I’ll hook that up here in the YouTube card of a
buff on a final note dry eye syndrome or keratoconjunctivitis sicca which is the
medical term is often part of much more complex issues going on with the entire
anterior surface of the eyes and even systemic diseases such as rheumatoid
arthritis or Sjogren’s syndrome if you’ve been suffering from burning red
irritated eyes or having really just bad dry eye symptoms make sure you talk to
your eye doctor get seen by either an eye doctor who
specializes in cornea anteaters segment or specializes in dry eye disease in
general thankfully now we have a lot of different treatments including
medications and in-office procedures that can help so I have question of the
day which one of these five tips was your favorite and do you have any other
dry eye tips of your own go ahead and connect in the section below if you got
value out of this video go ahead and smash that like button for me and if
you’d like to learn more about dry eye and different dry eye treatments I have
a whole dry eye video series and I’ll hook that up over here to the side so
you can check that out otherwise I’m collect is the other cool
video some doctor eye health go ahead and clip it up the screen just down over
here again thanks for watching and we’ll see you in the next video

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  1. Do you have dry eye syndrome? Check out the full series for more info

  2. I have a complicated relationship with my eyes, need drops everyday, but they don't seem to be dry…I wonder why dry eye issues are becoming more of an issue in our world?

  3. It's inflammatory:
    The solution is to stop eating dead animals and move to a healthy, species-appropriate, whole-food plant-based diet. And eat about a tablespoon of freshly ground flax seeds every day to increase the ratio of omega3: omega 6 fatty acids:

  4. I need some help.
    I got my vision checked from 3 different clinics in a course of a week and all 3 gave me different prescription. What Should I do?

  5. i really want to improve my eyesight with active focus.
    I have myopia. Left eye is 2.0 diopters and right eye is 2.5 diopters.
    If anyone of you can help me with this it would be greatly appreciated!

  6. Hello again and thank you for your very informative as always post. My problem is that with my real eye as I call it I have no problem however with my prosthesis it gets really dry.

  7. Dr, can you please help me ? I have floaters tht got stuck to my pupils especially my right eye, making it very very hard to see and read, in fact I can barely see, my eye dr says he doesn't know what happen and he can not operate otherwise he could blind me. Do you know of any drops that could probably help me? Thank really appreciate it.

  8. I learned a hard listen of using tap water for my humidifier. Please use distill water to avoided paying out a lot of money. 😂

  9. how great was this timing..Tonight my eyes were dry and i was straining so much .I now realize it was the air conditioner ,i couldnt work out as it isnt blowing onto my face but is taking the humidity out of the air..Thanks for the video Perfect

  10. Please do a video on broken blood vessel. Why does it happen. How to best treat it. How long does it take to resolve?

  11. It would be better if you wash your face five times a day and wash your mouth five times a day I’ll probably your ears to five times a day you keep yourself moist I would do Sam to 👍🌿🌿🌾

  12. My eyes are so dry that I feel as if my eyes were wrapped in a flimsy opaque layer. My eyelids are stiff, sticky… no amount of eye drops, gels, warm compasses can give me relief….

  13. Another great video Doc. I suffered with dry eye for years. I was using Thera Tears 4 times a day (when I remembered) My Dr. recommended serum eye drops made from my blood. He does NOT freeze them and believes that freezing removes the protein. I used them for two months and my eyes feel so much better and now I need no drops. Oh I also purchased a pair of blue light glasses for the computer as you recommended. Staring at a computer definitely irritates my eyes. I also have insomnia so the glasses help with that also.

  14. You are amazing always with your insights and resources. One question would infuses act like humidifiers at night. I realize I dont use distilled water which I will change to.

  15. Hi dr Alan. You have explained it all so clearly. I have sjorgens and R.A. and have very severe dry eyes. I use preservative free liquid drops by day and gel by night. I have now found by using the gel by day in the winter while indoors and the heating is on that it lasts longer and feels more soothing than liquid drops. But I never considered that the wind could reduce the tears from my eyes. So I will be mindful of that when im outside. Thanks for educating me keep up the great work. Teresa

  16. I liked the Ziena eyeglasses. I've tried regular work goggles that go over my eyeglasses but there is no seal. Thanks for the discount. Having cataract surgery (2/24) on my eye that had an ocular melanoma tumor on the optic nerve 2017. Am 65 and will check out your video on helping prevent cataracts for my right eye. Thanks again for all your good information.

  17. Hi Doctor, Thanks for the information a couple of questions please: 1. Do the moisture chamber eyeglasses require special and frequent cleaning and 2. Do they sit comfortably around the eyes (close enough for those of us with prescription eyewear) and form a seal. Appreciate your feedback!

  18. I was diagnosed with EBMD (Epithelial Basement Membrane Dystrophy) and Dry Eye Disease is a secondary condition. I just went through Corneal Epithelial Debridement in my right eye three weeks ago. My vision has gotten so much better in that eye already. My optometrist has never been able to get me close to 20/20 vision because if I blinked, it would completely change everything. I had an amazing doctor that performed the debridement. But one of the best suggestions she gave me was since I run a fan at night was to use gel eye drops and a 3D memory foam sleep mask before and after the procedure. It has really helped. Also, a preservative free eye drop like TheraTears or Refresh Optive Advanced. Refresh Optive is safe for use with contacts which is a bonus. My optometrist has been suggesting plugging my tear ducts as the next step for my dry eyes.

  19. I hate having dry eyes… I had no problems wearing lenses from 2019 march to like november 2019. Now it has become a big problem.I went to an eye doctor twice, and it looks better now, but I still feel like my eyes are dry. I cannot wait until it gets warmer outside…. I am from norway, so the winter is lasting long..

    Do you have any recommendations for good eye drops, or eye gel? I have not watched the video yet, but I will now. I am using Cationorm, and I got Oxyal Gel from my eye doctor. Maybe I will switch over to glasses permanently. I have -1,00 and -1,25 in lenses, so I can see ok without.

    Awesome videoes! I like to watch them.

  20. New subscriber here! Ive always been fascinated by eyes so i look forward to learning from this channel 😊 oh and my favorite dry eye tip was the one about wearing sunglasses…here in NYC is does get quite windy (although nothing like Minnesota), so i will be sure to buy sunglasses similar to those soon..although i may look like i was in the matrix movie lol

  21. The Bruder compress that you recommended has been helpful to me. It was a gift from my niece who also uses it. What do you think of the Optive drops with omega-3 flax? Help or hype?

  22. Dr., I’m a student pilot and I’m looking for a prescription sunglasses, which color lenses (gray, brown, green, etc) are the optimum for that type of environment (Sunny sky or white/gray overcast days)?

  23. Hi, thanks alot for your informative channel. I have a question which has made me worried for a while , I wear glasses and each of my eyes number is approximately 5 (myopia )and about 1( astigmatism). I always thought that it can be fixed by operation till someone told me that didn't you know it decreases the eyesight accuracy and causes other problems, you know I'm first year medical student and I have heard that the procedure will limit your residency choices(such as specific fields of surgery) as it causes the decrease in eyesight acuracy
    I just wanted to know that are these sentences true or not

  24. I think one thing I didn't know about dry eye is that I read things wrong and say it out loud wrong, especially on the computer, and more specifically reading dates. For example, I might see a date of 2/4/20, and I might read it out loud as April 2nd (I live in the USA). My eye doctor was examining my eyes for glaucoma, and she said that's dry eye.

    I used the preservative free gel drops. They work really well. I also have a humidifier in my office and home.

  25. Good day Doc! I am a fan from the Philippines. I just wanted to ask if you've heard about ionspec glasses that is becoming a trend in asia. Is it really effective? Or is it just a scam? Thanks for your help. Hope you could create a video about this. 😊😁

  26. Thank you for the updates on dry eye! My dry eye seems to really only bother me in the evening. But it is so bad that I keep eye drops under my pillow because my eyelids actually stick to my eyeballs and will tear my eye. Very painful. So I need to put drops in my eyes to open them. I do use a humidifier but I think that will need to use the eye gel at night. Thanks again doctor!

  27. Very informative video, I must say.
    I like to watch your videos as every time I get some or other new knowledge about eyes health.
    But I have to point out one thing here … sir, you speak very fast. I have to struggle continuesly to get through it.
    English isn't my mother tongue, and the accents are very challenging. Can I request you to speak a little slowly. Thank you … sir!

  28. Dr. Pls pls reply 🙏🙏🙏
    If a person is wearing anti glare blue light cut (filter /blocking) glasses with UV 400 protection.
    Does he also need any other protection ? (like getting dark tinted glasses {like photochoromic lens} to get protected from sun ’s bright light and digital screen lights)
    If there is anything left , then please inform me.

    Is that person 100 % safe from sun ’s bright light and digital screens lights ?

  29. Hey doc, great video!! I also found if you use cold pressed and hexane free castor oil it also helps with keeping your eyes moist. I also have tear duct plugs in all 4 ducts. I to agree preservative way for eye drops they are less likely to also cause stinging and burning when you put them in.

  30. It's a humble request 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏 please doctor reply to my question I am even ready to pay for it what's your fees please tell me

  31. Doctor i had done corneal transplant one year back. currently i have sutures inside my eyes dor that eye is it possible to make glass prescription??

  32. I think i have dry eyes because every week I'll have and episode where one of my eyes(most of the time the left eye) hurts, i get headaches, light sensitivity, it feels like theres something stuck under the eyelid…

    I have gone to the doctor two times, he said the eyes were healthy, prescribed me Systane eye drops to use everyday, I use it but it doesn't help lol, sometimes only time makes the pain go away.

    Funny because this problem started after I started wearing contacts, but its been two months since I have used contacts and I still have this problem.

  33. Please, do a video for driving at night, please. I noticed recently that it has become impossible for me to drive in unfamiliar territory at night per the oncoming headlights! What are the best ones at a good price?

  34. Humidifier with the new Silver Clean technology — no more orangy slime buildup! The silver inbedded in the tank material actually keeps it clean! I bought one for my mom and one for my daughter from Costco when they were having a sale. It was also a Top Fill, which was convenient.

  35. Drink a LOT of water before bed and make sure you go to the bathroom before retiring (or you'll wake up with excessive pressure in the hatch down below). This is especially important/effective if you have had any alcohol less then 4 or 5 hours before bed. I have severe dry eye problems from other causes but I find that a proper pre-slumber drain, a large couple of glasses of the clear stuff and eye drops on the bedside table can make a very troublesome problem much more endurable.

  36. hi doc.. is there something i can do with my afterimage ?? i have floaters an bfep.. but what bother me most is the afterimage

  37. I frequently get dry eye in my left eye. It has a history of a corneal ulcer which resulted in scarring. They gad to scrape the corneal layer for even healing. I have to wear hard contacts because of this issue. I get dry eye & have to really be vigilante about hear/ac blowing in my face. I use polarized sunglasses, preservative lubricants

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