With Whips, Chains and Sweaty Leather – A Conversation With Savage Master

With Whips, Chains and Sweaty Leather – A Conversation With Savage Master

It’s Bridgett with Reaper Metal Productions and I’m Dave Overkill and you’re watching Heavy Metal Relics today our guests are Adam and Stacey from SAVAGE MASTER no way! this is awesome where did the image and concept for SAVAGE MASTER come from well it came most from Mario Bava’s Black Sunday the imagery in the movie’s very strong Barbara Steel’s kind of a witch and the executioners at the beginning of the movie dress somewhat like we do maybe less metal version less modern and they nail a giant mask of the devil on Barbara Steel in the very beginning of the movie the original album the first album is definitely based heavily on Black Sunday you look at the cover you see that whole image of the masked female and I know for a fact that Barbara Steel has seen the album and was very flattered so Bridgett have you seen this? I have and I have a lot of questions and let’s see the back cover because what the hell is going on with that? was there anyone that saw you guys doing that and came up to you like what are you guys doing? well we had to do two takes of this because I’m sure you know in film and same with photos you set it up and then a cloud comes over the sun and it doesn’t work just something’s not exactly lined up so this was our second try originally we had a different priest though but it turned out perfect this time so two times is great you can’t ask for more we went out there we did get heckled a little bit by some people it was interesting I did contract this place they did not look into us the second time I didn’t call them we just showed up it’s called Yew Dell Botanical Gardens it’s mostly just a bunch of plants and flowers and things the owners are from Germany and they wanted to replicate a German castle of course much smaller than a real German castle we thought it was cool it was the closest thing we could get as we were taking this photo on the other side of this there were people wandering around old ladies looking at us like they’ve got a priest on the ground they’re wearing these outfits the funnier part when we took another set of these photos that are included inside we’re kind of like in an enclosure of trees Stacey had some blood and we did a couple outtakes or whatever when we were walking back from this then people were seeing us as like a group walking around the park that was definitely like oh my god what is happening right now old ladies were turning around fast and walking off it’s difficult to be in public in the outfits because they might think you’re Isis or whatever who’s this little girl with these magical powers and these hooded creatures people take it seriously when it’s really entertaining to us when you really have an awesome concept and the music from the first record to the second record there was a little bit of a transformation you keep that flavor for what you guys have going and I love that because a lot of bands say we need to be a little more modern we need to change or whatever you’re SAVAGE MASTER the stamp is on there and it’s like we’re making another great SAVAGE MASTER record a lot of bands lose that they’re like maybe we need to change maybe we need to get a producer whatever i think we’re trying hard to stay true to the original concept as much as we can you can’t write the same song a hundred times no you can’t but you can keep that flavor yeah the heart and soul of what we wanted to do from the beginning is still there for me personally I’m the only one this is my first band so the first record we did was the first recording I’ve ever done so I learned a lot so there’s a lot it’s the same with what we were talking about with photos or videos anything could go wrong in the studio you know we learn a lot as we go especially me i think on this one we came more into like a mix of both of the albums more into like and original sound that is completely ours each one that we do at this point is just to make a bigger better version of what we do little more in depth little more epic and the sound may be a little better little longer we’ll see what we can do Bridgett does leather turn you on? Are you a leather girl? should I really say that on camera? Absolutely I think you’ve already answered it I mean I love leather who doesn’t? Does it turn me on? I don’t know about that but I love it I’m touching myself on the inside right now so I was wondering what that smell was do you guys Febreze this stuff usually when we get it all home I’ll clean it all off and see what we can keep you have to scrub it down with like a grill brush we try to make it less bio-hazardous we’re not really sure if we’re up to date with our tetanus shots but we’ll find out soon so you guys obviously went to the airport and through security we could check so many bags of course and he had less luggage than me so I had him check one of my bags and I had my metal bra in it so I was like that’s gonna show up on the x-ray so he was like yeah sex stuff luckily they didn’t ask they didn’t seem to care you know bullet belts they’ll stop you with but they’ll just give you a weird look with this kind of stuff they swiped down my purse and stuff with like these towels I don’t know they didn’t notice this going to Europe’s actually not as hard as coming back to the U.S. from Canada why? I don’t know if they don’t like us they would have to deport us and we’d come back anyway so I don’t get it but that’s how it is. we did consider how comical it would be to see them pull all this stuff out I’m sure one day they will the airport’s gonna love this this fucking old ass stinky ass shit that’s rusting away I just wanna say this is not the first set of these outfits that we’ve had they last a tour or two and you gotta get new ones the masks too are the worst smelling part you put the sweaty mask in a bag and start driving with it and it gets moldy we play the show we get sweaty then we’ve been drinking and everyone’s a little lazy about washing them out four or five days pass and they smell like a cat box years ago Matt Flammable used to wear leather pants while he was playing the drums until he realized that’s a really bad idea but after one of the shows he put them in like a bag and it was like a plastic bag and he forgot about them so he forgets about his pants and he pulls them out at the practice spot like two weeks later and they had like mold growing all over them and he stood them up and they were like rigid like they could stand on their own and he stood them up in the corner like a mannequin totally been there like she says when we’re scrubbing them down with a grill brush if maybe I didn’t move these in the house when we first got off tour maybe it was a week or two later you pull these out they’ve got fur all over them then you gotta scrape all that stuff off maybe you should go with that for a while you’d have to travel with a doctor moldcore so Bridgett are you willing to go up on stage tonight to be a human sacrifice? is that really gonna happen? tonight you die I’m down yeah I’m always down that’s excellent Bridgett is a good sport as always everything we talked about today can be found in the description as a link and most importantly do you agree with Dave? does leather turn you on? oh it does turn me on the burning leather forever in leather and make sure to check out our other weekly videos

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  1. great fucking interview: I think Savage Master are an excellent antichristian Heavy Metal Band, keep up the excellent work! and yes, fucking adore Leather, the more the better when It come to females…cheers!

  2. FYI when they were swiping down her purse with those rags they were checking for gunpowder and explosive type residue. I am a photographer and I have a large 70-200mm lens and they took me to a back room and rubbed down the lens and I asked what they were doing and they were checking to make sure it wasn't a bomb

  3. Savage Master fucking rule, like a crazy combination of The Mentors, Plasmatics, Mercyful Fate, Satan, Judas Priest and fucking Witchfinder General!

  4. It goes without saying (but here I am saying it) that Stacey is way hot…but she's not just eye candy. She's totally legit and can bring it musically. True fans of the underground would accept nothing less.

  5. Saw these dudes open for Municipal Waste last night and HOLY SHIT what a show! Ended up leaving with their album and a bunch of merch, cant wait to see them again!

  6. Your my leather girl.so crack down your whip.you cant help how it feels.it feels good.
    Leather Girl … ASKA

  7. There’s no doubt – their sound is raw. A super metal friend of mine – says they’re improving with each release. Love – their love of leather !

  8. Relics shown in this video:

    SAVAGE MASTER – Mask of the Devil


    SAVAGE MASTER – With Whips and Chains


    SAVAGE MASTER – Creature of the Flames







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