Women Try The Best Foundations For Covering Uneven Skin

Women Try The Best Foundations For Covering Uneven Skin

– [Woman] Holy shit! (R&B music) – I was born with a birthmark, it’s also called a port wine stain, and that was really difficult growing up. I was always trying to cover it up. – Growing up, I had really clear skin, but in college I started to develop acne and it’s just, like never gone away. – When I was pregnant,
I got some darkening on my face that just didn’t go away. – So I have a lot of
tattoos and I’m interested in seeing which of these foundations are truly good at coverage. – It’s been pretty hard to find foundations that I really like and work with all of
the elements of my skin. – Finding a foundation that could cover it all isn’t super easy. – When you have a baby, you have no time, so I really haven’t super
explored any options. – Just really excited to try
something completely new. (upbeat music) – Packaging’s pretty cool, it’s like super glittery and it’s like solid. – Thick and chocolatey. – I will say it’s a little thick for me. – You see it when you put it on your face, like boom, it’s not like blending up. – Super covering, whoa. – I mean, the coverage is really good. – It’s very creamy. I’m very, very dewy. – Maybe I’m not a
foundation person, though, because I feel like my skin looks worse. – It blends pretty easily and I don’t feel like I have to put it
on my whole entire face. I could just get coverage in those spots. – This reminds me of stage makeup. – It’s like I don’t even have a birthmark. This is actually really scary. I haven’t covered my birthmark in so long. – For how heavy it is of a product, it doesn’t feel heavy on my arm. – This area seems just the same amount of noticeable as before. – But it doesn’t feel too heavy. I applied it wrong the first time, where I put way too
much, but on this cheek, I just gradually increased the coverage. I really liked how it worked. – I mean it’s definitely gonna cover up whatever it is that
you’re trying to cover up. But I definitely need like two layers of powder to get rid of the shine. – I feel like if you walked
past me, you wouldn’t know. I don’t think it’s gonna come off. (upbeat music) – This one’s cool, though I
have no idea how to open this. – Smells nice. – So this one’s a little
more creamy, which I like. – This one is like a
normal makeup thickness, not like damn glue. – But maybe that’s not
as good for coverage. – It’s spreading over my
face a lot more easily. – I think it covers enough. This is what I feel comfortable, I would put this on my face. – I don’t see any
difference in the upper lip. – The coverage is really good actually, considering how light it is. – There’s still not enough coverage for it to cover up all
the redness on my face. – Hasn’t solved the problem, but it’s not making things worse. – It doesn’t cover a lot. – I could totally see myself actually wearing this every day. Would pick a little bit of a darker color. (upbeat music) I’m automatically hungry,
because I feel like I’m scooping out cheese
to put on a cracker. – You have to scrape it to get it out. – It’s so cute. – A little goes a long way. – Holy shit. – This one’s thick, but it
is gliding on quite smoothly. – The area that we’re trying to work on, this upper lip, looks
more noticeable to me. – I don’t think it’s working too well with the beauty blender. It was better with my finger, I think, because of the warmth. – I feel like it’s
blending in fairly well. – Wow, this is insane. – I have a little redness around my nose and it does seem to cover that. – It feels very tacky, but
it’s doing it’s fucking job. – The coverage isn’t fantastic for me. Up close you can still kind
of see it a little bit. – It does enough coverage, it didn’t feel disgusting to put on. – Next time I should just
put a color corrector underneath it and just work on upper lip. – Up close it looks very cakey, but it did provide more coverage. – I would say, out of all three, the Kat Von D was, I think, my number one. – I think I would go ahead and give the Dermacool and the Kat Von D a try. – Nothing super-worked. I think I would use the Kat Von D one if I was going out someplace nice. – But having full coverage is definitely not something I feel like I need to be comfortable and
feel beautiful and happy about getting out the door every day. For people who are
indifferent and look unique, like me, I think makeup
should just be fun. It should be something that
you can get creative with. If it makes you feel more
comfortable, that’s great, but I think that you’re
beautiful no matter what. (calm music)

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  1. The lady with the birth mark is so true she said “no matter what you will always be beautiful” soooooooo true, btw you so beautiful and pretty

  2. If you are skillful enough you can use any of these and it would be perfect. But it looks like most of them don't know how to work with it.

  3. I ain't no expert, but Kate, that's hair hun. ?‍♀️


  4. I hate this video because everyone is upset about how they are so they are trying to cover it up. Leave your beautiful face alone

  5. I feel bad for you birthmark girl but… you can become a cosplayer and be todoroki so accept yourself for being todoroki sister ???

  6. Gurls didn't you have Art in School?
    Easiest way to cover somethkng red? Put a foundation with greens in.it on.
    Why? Red and green creates grey so all the redness you see trough the foundation is neutralized

    Want to cover something blueish? But orange on

    Something lilac? Put yellow on

    Use the power of complementary colors!

  7. Did else notice that the footage of Paige in this video is being used for foundation ads from "liftupmart" , it's on Pinterest and stuff

  8. I'll I can think is why on earth did you get a tattoo if you were just going to cover in up??? ??‍♀️What's the point??? Why didn't you just get fake tattoos that come off with water??? Why go through the pain, waist the money, and risk your health just to cover it up??? I don't get it…

  9. I know how the one with the birth mark feels I have something called viterligo and its like birth marks all over your body

  10. Guys stop saying about Kate’s ‘Moustache’ this YouTube account is partly made to make people more confident and comfortable with themselves, also I don’t think it is a moustache because she would know if it was and she said it was dark spots. I’m not trying to start an argument so I hope I’m not annoying anyone and I might be wrong I’m only saying this because i wouldn’t like it if that was me you were talking about ❤️

  11. The woman that hates all the foundation I just wanna day one thing:

    have u went to school?

    cuz, thats hair hun not ur dark spots

  12. I love how teens be actin like doctors or something and commenting "dArLiNg ThAtS a MuStAcHe NoT dArK sPoTs" sis u aint no professional its darkspots ?

  13. Can everyone stop being rude to the women with short hair? She doesn't have a mustache, if you'll like to know what it is then research what happens after being pregnant. And no 'honey'/'darling', I'm not telling you. Look for yourself and find yourself some decent respect.
    0:23 proof about her pregnancy.

  14. If you want a really great coverage, you need to work with concealers: a foundation won't ever be enough.
    It's about colour-correcting first by using the colour wheel theory and then you can move to your foundation

  15. I was born with a strawberry birthmark on my knee. It is actually quite large. Maybe five inches long and three inches wide. But I'm trying to get it removed as soon as I can bc people Billy me when I wear shorts or dresses

  16. Breaks my heart looking at the girl with the birthmark because my cousin has just been born with one all over her face, knowing the struggles she will go through breaks my heart

  17. The mum with has short hair is really overreacting like she just needs to shave a bit more, she just wants attention. ?

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