Women Try To Wear Fancy Sweatpants • Ladylike

Women Try To Wear Fancy Sweatpants • Ladylike

– I think these might give me mom butt. Hey cuties! Welcome to Ladylike. – There’s no reason why you
can’t be comfy and cute. – Today, we’re going to try to style the same pair of joggers… – Four different ways. – To show that anyone can rock anything. – Let’s play, Can I Wear That? – [Voiceover] Joggers Edition. – I think joggers are an
excuse to wear pajamas in a social setting. – Joggers are formal sweatpants. – I’m pretty sure most
joggers have drawstring lace. – I don’t know what joggers are. – My personal interpretation of joggers is they’re a happy marriage
between skinny jeans and sweatpants. They’re casual, you can wear
them pretty much anywhere and you can dress them up or down. Big things that denote a jogger is they’re a little loose around the waist, they can have a slight drop crotch and the main thing is
they’re tapered at the ankle. I think as long as the girls are creative and sort of embrace
what makes them unique, then I think the jogger
is versatile enough to blend in with whatever
clothes they accentuate it with. – I think it’s going to go well. I think that I might win. – I’m stressed about it. – I fear that these pants will be loose in the buttock region and
short in the ankle region. – I think it will be a
challenge but I’m excited. – Bring on the joggers. (laughs) Oh my God. – There’s a lot of crotch. – Super stretchy. – I like the fabric, it’s kind
of fun and ripply like water. – All right, I’m going to put them on now. – I love these. I wish every single pant
was as comfortable as this. – I could exercise in these if I wanted to but I could also go out
in them if I wanted to. – This is my problem. – Like do I have mom jean butt? – All right, I’m going
to try to style these. Let’s see what I can come across. – I like wearing a lot of collared stuff because it reminds me of
my good old uniform days. – I like this a lot, it’s kind
of like a 90’s zipper thing. – So, I’ve really been into ponchos. – I love animals, especially elephants. – It’s a slit all the way up. Hello. – It looks like you
have your shit together but you’re also very comfortable. – I think it’s going to be pretty bad ass. Pretty like dark meets light. Pretty like devil meets angel. – I look like someone who once upon a time worked at Hot Topic and
now I have a real job but I still remember my roots,
you know what I’m saying? – My mom loves to describe me as edgy. – I’m going to go with a little heel. – I like these, I like this. I like these pants. What could go wrong? – So this is me. This is my outfit. – I’m definitely feeling it. I feel very easy breezy. – I could totally buy a pair of joggers. I could wear these every day, these are so comfortable. – I do like this little cape thing because it effectively hides my behind. I feel like I’m wearing pajama pants and I’m getting away with
a dirty little secret. – I could totally curl up
at home and watch a movie or I could party in this. – I’m not obsessed. – Everyone should have a pair of these because they’re really cozy. – Okay, so can you wear joggers? I think the answer is yes. – [All] Yes. – A hundred percent. – My ass is in fact jiggly but you know, it’s fine because it’s disguised. If I disguised the butt, the jiggly butt. ♫ Jiggly butt ♫

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  1. I LOVE joggers but my mom won't let me get any more because I have 2 and apparently that's too much for her. She calls me a شرشوحة and that basically means sloppy ???

  2. When one of them said it's like my dirty little secret I immediately thought of ' all American rejects,dirty little secret ' anyone else or am I on my own??

  3. I thought they were talking about shoes because joggers to me are what they'd call sneakers. I call them track pants.

  4. is anyone of you in ladylike intrested in having their own youtube chanel?
    btw i know that you probably cant answer me but still i am just curius.

  5. Omg that zip collar shirt Safiya pulled out is literally a staple in her videos?

  6. I honestly prefer joggers because ( Even though I know they're definitely not ) my arrogant ass always thinks everyone is look at my butt.

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