Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Fix a Drawstring on Sweatpants

Women’s Fashion Tips : How to Fix a Drawstring on Sweatpants

Hi, my name is Rachel Youens, and I’m a freelance
fashion writer, and the owner of austinstylewatch.com street fashion site, and today, we’re going
to talk about how to get the drawstring back into your drawstring pants if its come out.
Now the first thing you’ll want to get, going to want to do is take your string that’s fallen
out, and make sure that at least one end, the knot is undone, which chances are, if
your drawstring’s fallen out of the pants, that’s the problem anyway. So, the only supply
you’re going to need for this is a safety pin. It’s usually good to use a, the biggest
safety pin you can get, and not one of those ridiculously huge ones. But one of the larger
sizes, if you’re thinking like about two inches long if you can get it. So, what you’re going
to want to do is just take your pin and stick it through the end of the string. And the
way you’re going to want to think of this project is sort of like this is your needle
and thread, and you’re kind of threading it through the drawstring. So, you’re going to
go to your drawstring holes, and you’re going to enter the hole with the needle, with the
the needle, the safety pin, and you’re going to want to start pulling it through that hole.
It’s going to be a little difficult at first cause’ you’ll have the bunched up end, but
you’ll be able to get it through, and then you’re going to just slowly work it through
the material. And the best way to do that is to bunch up. That’s my safety pin there;
bunch it up, and then pull through the end; bunch it up, pull through the end. And eventually
you’ll have strung it all the way back through, and when you get to that other end and you
pull it through, you’re going to want to tie another knot in the end of that string to
pre prevent it from pulling through; just like you can see the knot on this end now.
So, this has been how to re-thread the drawstring back in your drawstring pants when it’s fallen

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