Workstyle Freestyle 003 – ‘Ambition’

Workstyle Freestyle 003 – ‘Ambition’

Hello Hoxbies! Welcome to WorkstyleFreestyle
with me, Alex Hirst, and with me, Lizzie Penny. So today we wanted to talk
to you about our vision. Which is to create a happier
and more fulfilled society through a world of work
without bias. But more than that we want to
talk to you about our ambition. So people often ask “How big do
you actually want to get?” and we don’t think it’s about
how big we want to get, we think it’s about the change
we want to create. So as Google is to ‘search’,
Hoxby wants to be to ‘work’. What we mean by that is that
we want to fundamentally create a different way of working, and then we want everyone
in the world to work that way. So that’s what we are about. Huge ambition, I know,
but together we can do it. Absolutely, we’ve got
to think big. But really, that is achievable. Because what we’ve created
and the way we work at Hoxby is organisational agility through inclusivity. So we believe that businesses
and people are looking for these things, and that these are the things
that fundamentally can be the catalyst
for a new way of working, a complete revolution
in the way of working. We want to be at the forefront
of that, we want to do it ourselves, We’re going to help
clients do it, and we’re going to inspire other
businesses to do it as well. We believe that that
is achievable and we can change
the world that way. One day, everyone will
work this way. Cool! Are you going to grab
a cup of tea before the next meeting, yea? Yea Oh Alex, we forgot
to say goodbye. Ah! Bye! Goodbye! Changing the world, from home,
in your tracky bits. In your tracky bums. Haha, see ya later. Byeee.

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