WoW Low Level Laser Therapy | Business at Breakfast March 2019

WoW Low Level Laser Therapy |  Business at Breakfast March 2019

Welcome to the World of Wellbeing. This short presentation is about one of the wellness programs that we have, all of which we are a scientifically based. This presentation is about photobiomodulation, also known as low level laser therapy or cold laser therapy. And here you can see the room in which the laser therapy is carried out at the world of Wellbeing. Photobiomodulation results in a number of benefits, one of which is the enhancement of the proton gradient in the mitochondria and which is the little organelle within the cell that produces ATP or which is like a rechargeable battery. ATP is the charged form that is able to do work. And as a result of low level laser therapy, there can be an increase of as much as 150 percent of the ATP available, which results in repair of tissues occurring at a much faster rate. So faster healing is one of the benefits of laser therapy. There is also a better regulation of the cellular calcium cascade. A diminished level of ATP leads to an overflow or excess of calcium in the cell and activation of proteinaceous, resulting in the death of the cell and necrosis. So if you have laser therapy with improved production of ATP, you have a better regulation of the way in which calcium works within cells. You can also see a reduction of inflammatory cytokines such as Interleukin 1 and an increased prostaglandin synthesis with a production of P.G. 12 which leads to a vasodilatrian anti-inflammatory effect. So the result of using the laser can be a reduction in the inflammation of tissue. Another improvement that results from laser therapy is normal angiogenesis. That’s to say the regeneration of the capillaries, the very small blood vessels in tissues. So that means you get an improvement in micro circulation and the perfusion of the tissue. In other words, the amount of blood flowing through tissue. You can also see that an improvement in the immune system’s function because there is a natural increase in the production of cortisol. And there is the very excellent reduction of pain and there are good studies now that show that there is a modulation of pain at the dorsal root ganglion that is improved so that the perception of pain is reduced. And then there is the increased increase of endogenously produced, that’s to say, internally produced nitrous oxide and nitrous oxide was discovered to be produced in the body naturally in the 1990s and it has a very wide range of effects. Which you can see here demonstrated on this chart going from left clockwise, gastrointestinal and neurogentital tract function. The immune system is improved by nitric oxide, the cardiovascular system is improved and there’s a list of those improved functions shown there. The peripheral nervous system is improved by the relaxation of nerve function, the central nervous system is improved both in terms of pain, sensitive sensitivity and and the way in which learning occurs. As well as neuro degeneration and then cell proliferation and aging and respiratory function can also be affected beneficially. Thanks very much for listening to this brief presentation.

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