Yasmin grieves upon learning that Saal is dead | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

Yasmin grieves upon learning that Saal is dead | A Soldier’s Heart (With Eng Subs)

That’s not true, Alex. I only asked Fonti to do that
to keep you out of harm’s way. He only granted me the favor
I requested him, son. I think it would be better if
we let the intelligence unit search for Hakeem. After all, we still don’t have
enough information to cause alarm. Oh, by the way, they’re about to
evaluate soldiers for the scout ranger training. Are you going to sign up? Yes, sir. I’m going to sign up, Papa. Very good. Permission to leave, sir. Let’s go, buddy. [PANTING] Rasheed! Rasheed! Rasheed! [PANTING] We have to go.
We do not have much time. Wait! We cannot leave. Saal told us that if we were to get separated, we should all meet back here. Rasheed! [SOBS] Listen… Yazmin… Please forgive me! Saal’s gone! – Saal’s dead!
– That’s not true. – That’s not true
– Saal’s gone now! – You’re lying!
– Saal’s gone now! Saal is still alive! I wish I was mistaken! [FATIMA SOBBING] Yazmin! Yazmin! Yazmin! [YAZMIN BAWLING] Yazmin! We have to go! Now! Let’s go! [YAZMIN CONTINUES BAWLING] Yazmin… Yazmin! We have to go! Now! Come on, Yazmin!
We have to leave! Come on! Let’s go, Amir! Let’s go, Yazmin! – Come on.
– Yazmin, let’s go. No! Let’s go, Yazmin! Come on, Yazmin! We need to go! Come on, Amir!

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  1. Magaling na actor si saal…kaya di basta2 mapapatay yun…binigyan lang ng twist ang istorya…babalik yun bilang isang mayaman na personalidad in my opinion hahaha1

  2. Noooo, impossible di pwede mamatay ang nag iisang bida, contravida na Saal (Sid) isa sya sa life of this story. ABS has this way of doing this, they show one was killed but it turned out alive good example lately d role of Albert as Robert in KG✌👍💋

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