You Will Cry Tears of Joy Watching This Holiday Surprise

You Will Cry Tears of Joy Watching This Holiday Surprise

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  1. This world needs more people like you all. There's so much negativity going on everywhere, so I'm really glad that you all are breaking norms. I love it and I love all of you for that.

  2. Darn it now I’m crying….there are still good people around. And it’s just the little things that make a big impact. I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and happy new year

  3. Honestly, SPC is one of the best channels on youtube. You guys make me giggle, blush, happy and sad. I feel so content when I watch your videos. Thank you very much. You guys are the best. ???

  4. There are still some beautiful people left in this world. This was beautiful to watch. Her parents are doing an amazing job raising her.

  5. For the people who gave this a thumbs down…. really? I know these people and they are an amazing giving family. Stop the negativity please. It’s a shame that people can’t see the good in everything!

  6. Aww.. That li'l girl is so precious. You can see through her. Such purity and passion to make someone happy. Wow!
    Merry Christmas everyone! 😀

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