Your Sweat and Vitamin Questions Answered!

Your Sweat and Vitamin Questions Answered!

It’s time to answer more of those burning questions, but we’re going to speed it up for a segment we like to call Quick-Fire Questions. (audience cheering)
With added pressure here, so doctors, we only get 15 seconds on the clock to answer each question. Dr. Batra, I know you’re always ready, so the first question
(laughing) is for you. One viewer tweeted, why does stress sweat smell so bad, and what can I do about it? Go. So the sweat you produce to cool down comes from your eccrine glands, and it’s primarily composed of water, for stress that comes from apocrine sweat glands, it has fats, it has proteins, and that produces a strong sulpher smell. You can get a prescription or Botox injections to help. (audience cheering) Nice job.
She’s so good, she even beat the clock. So Dr. Ordon,
Uh oh. You can do it.
The next question is for you, via Instagram, it’s a little payback. Why do I feel nauseous after taking vitamins? 15 seconds on the clock. And, go. Well it’s true. Certain vitamins, particularly vitamin C, E and iron can cause upset to the gastrointestinal track. If you exceed a normal dietary dose, at one dose you have a higher chance of irritating your stomach and your intestines. Just remember that you should take ’em with something in your stomach. (laughing) Dr. Ordon, oh Dr.
I got it in. He got it in, he got it in. So just to finish that,
I was, I was going for extra. I wanted extra credit, I wanted to get an A on that.
If we were picking a winner, it wouldn’t be you. It would not.

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