hey guys how exciting I’m getting the
train today and my partner’s not here to fill me so having still on my own but
it’s ok it’s ok I’m gonna do this ok holes already departments hi guys so I’m
on the train to Guildford Guildford is my home my shopping my home shop by
shopping the home center that makes sense I don’t really like it there’s not
an option of great shops but I said hey we have to work with it my dad’s making
me laugh right now so sir I’m ready laughing do you know what YouTube is
nanny what is it what do I do on YouTube you know so
you’re not my biggest fan I guess I’m gonna show you later
and I expect you to watch it every single time I post say hi to my
youtubers my youtubers my FAQ my YouTube family mother have you watched my
youtube videos and what do you think and what’s your favorite sort of topic that
I discuss lovely and I look forward to me doing
the hmm hole one today Braille will say hi to my YouTube family my Queens I
can’t believe how warm it is today I’m in a scarf co it’s just like come on
like are we gonna be like you know having to wear coats or dresses I
could’ve put a dress on today it’s definitely that warm definitely that
warm oh my god I can smell Donuts oh and look
we got Zara okay guys so general walk today I was
going to go to H&M but I’ve decided to go to Zara
I had a quick look around there’s so much stuff in there that you guys are
going to absolutely love I’m obsessed it’s almost like as soon as winter
autumns here there’s so much better staff it’s definitely my favorite season
so stay tuned okay guys so I’ve been told that I’m a lot of filming here
obviously and as long as no one gets in the way and etc etc I’m just gonna try
and a few jackets and stuff now let’s go okay so this is the jacket that I’m
actually wearing right this second I’m actually gonna just put in my other
earphone let’s have a look and see what they’ve got
I absolutely love this lovely long blazer jacket how lovely will that lurk
I’m loving all the check at the moment as well I’ve literally just got a coat
like this you guys hasn’t seen it is from Primark some nice trousers how
amazing is this jacket this is like ah the ultimate autumn winter jacket
I’m gonna try on okay what size of this let’s have a look this is a medium so
I’m gonna try on this as well it’s a bit heavy I am absolutely in love with this
jacket oh my god this is literally giving me the best vibes ever because of
all the jackets I’ve tried on I just love this one the most it is so
comfortable I think this one’s are like an extra large let me see how much is
okay so this is like basically a hundred but honestly it’s so worth it because
you just know with like Zara coats the quality’s amazing I mean I’ve had my
jacket for ages now and there’s been like no problem so I just definitely
know that it’s worth spending the extra amount of money on it oh my god this is giving me life oh and it’s so much better it like
larger as well I promise you I might just go for a nap I might just go for a
nap I love it this sire is actually quite nice as well I’m not gonna lie to
you how amazing is this jumper guys the only
problem is I’m wearing tights today oops I might not be able to try a few items
on but how lovely is this jumper absolutely beautiful look at the sleeves
love oh my God look at the skirt leopard print is so in at the moment as well
look a bit its flare skirt absolutely love I would definitely rock this with
some tight white top or off the shoulder I absolutely love it oh my god guys this
has given me life do you know what okay just for you guys I’m gonna try a few
things on is oh my god look at this jacket and look at this amazing skirt
goes I am so excited because I can’t actually way to be able sorry to like
fit into this nice skirt I’d wear with like black tights a nice black polo neck
absolutely love this snakeskin obviously they’ve got check in at the
moment again absolutely love this this is like a sort of dress yeah like a
dress sort of top read never goes out of fashion this of a
red lip would be perfect oh these are lovely nice little booties
you can pair with some black leggings and black jeans now this is just looks
so confident comfortable look at it it’s like a big polar bear absolutely love
this how much is it 100 pound guys 100 pounds but it is so soft the material is
just like oh I’m gonna try on guys look at this jacket oh my god look at this
jacket it is so nice and it is so soft it literally is life if I was not having
a baby this year I would make my boyfriend by this me I wouldn’t make him
obviously but how amazing I absolutely love this black fur coat these you can
just missionary they like hooks like a pop-up jacket you can wear for like
smart occasions definitely would probably wear more for a left like a
smart occasion how nice this I’d probably get a bit larger just
because it’s a bit small like in the arms I’d probably get like maybe large
or even extra-large to be honest of you but I love this so much I think I think
luck it’s just my favorite color honestly because I just I just love
black black on black baby what’s your favorite like season like mine’s
definitely I’d say autumn winter it looks so nice look at the sleeves I’m loving like got so many like polo
necks as well which I’m absolutely loving they’re nice and fitted as well
as you can see because I prefer them nice and fitted polo necks I don’t like
the ones I sort of too loose but I mean they’re only $17.99 so it’s a good
little price and definitely good quality look I’m not too into this sort of
shabby sheepskin I don’t really like it now this darling or look at this I’m
absolutely loving leopard print at the moment I’m so glad it’s coming back into
fashion I mean it does every year anyway but I absolutely love this sort of shirt
dress and this is just gorgeous it’s like I
sort of fleecy our is like a they go love this everyone needs a black fur
coat for the winter oh my God look at the boots they are so nice and they’re
literally only like what is that 29.95 how amazing are they love with the
clutch or feeling that loads a leopard print
yes ara I am so happy with viscera honestly because I don’t really have a
lot in normally the sku pay that off with a pair of jeans some trainers here
we are with Miss Pat butcher love yep absolutely love this jacket I’d probably
wear it to be honest don’t really care about it like Pat butcher oh look at the
big cardigans this was the Roanoke I showed you guys
earlier that’s a much better view how amazing love oh I love this as well look
best vibes ours are oh you’re killing it it’s
always when you like don’t really have money to spend there have so much in
don’t you find that make sure you guys comment down below as well and let me
know what your best item is there you go love that okay guys so this is a NYX one
amazing schlep shoot skin I absolutely love this it fits just perfect maybe
even I’d get it in a larger obviously right now because it’s a bum but I love
this it’s so nice and warm again it just goes of anything boots what I’m wearing
it goes with perfectly and this is this is $89.99 but you know why I wear fur is
so worth I wish I was rich right now on his
self-incurred by the holeshot they’ve got such an amazing collection in right
now with jackets jumpers polo necks everything that you’d possibly want for
autumn/winter I love this little smart jacket here so
lovely the material looks absolutely amazing as well I’m just gonna give you
a bit of a closer look again smart occasions casual wear of a nice white
tee or one nice white slogan t-shirt some black jeans some leggings love this
I mean this is only for 49 pounds which isn’t really bad girls you know why I
feel like I just need to go home at this point
this jacket I absolutely love this honestly I feel like I should try it on
but then I just feel like do you guys really want to see it how about I leave
you guys just telling me what you want to see next time should I come back and
do more coats more jumpers loving the knee-high boots as well that they’ve got
coming in knee-high boot season love perfect combo brown bag black jeans and
like a sort of brownish jumper bronec perfect now this I absolutely love I’m
not wearing the right attire today for this but I love this lovely snakeskin
blazer loving their cute little bags that they’ve got going on as well
God guys I’m so impressed it’s almost like winters just brings out the best
Bovie oh I love these boots right here I’m
probably going to have to purchase these love can’t go wrong with the red bag
we read lip everyone knows that I love a red lip I like this jacket I actually tried it
on last year but I’m not I like it but I definitely don’t think I’d buy it that
makes sense you know some items you would just sort of buy view loved it but
it’s not that kind of love like it’s not that deep some lovely swage browsers going on
definitely wouldn’t fit over my bun back to the future baby back to the future okay so right now I’m going to see what
else they’ve got I just have another like a little look around
I don’t want to sort of forget people win so I’m trying to stay out of
everyone’s way so yeah
bear with me guys yes yes yes my favorite color in the world love this absolutely love this are girls honestly
I literally I’m gonna go and rob a bank a bank can be back love and I’m loving
this slogan tees I love this never wait for big ideas work for it that’s right
oh look look look like a motorbike theme going on here are these are giving me
life if I could actually put these on right now I would but they won’t fit me
love you can’t go wrong with some leather jeans or trousers SI love this
take a seat God s okay I love this as well I love their simple teeth love should be optional girls you can never go wrong again I
love these roll necks that they have they always have these in and I love
them they’re so comfy they really are such a good fit and I literally full of
hook should buy a black one and a white one you can never get enough of row
necks I know you guys are literally so excited oh my god this jacket here I
love I have to try this on right now have to every year I try and buy this
jacket and when I come around to a sold out so we’re going to try it on can
never go wrong with these jackets I love I think I need an extra large or
an extra extra large look how nice they are I really want one I really really want
one this is going to probably like my new jacket this winter I’ve got loads of
jackets now to be fair and the mainly awesome Zara absolutely love this love what an absolute success honestly
there’s so many nice jumpers hope leggings trousers tops I am like so in
love I’m so excited I’m gonna try and do a trial try and halt at home next time
some want to go back probably next week and do part two and I’ll try I’ll get a
few items I love the most there then I try them on for you guys
anything for my queens but yeah it’s been so nice I don’t normally come out
on my own I’m normally live like my boyfriend and he normally films me but
today I spot and let me come out my own you know he was busy doing his videos
and stuff so why not and it’s such a lovely day as well and I can’t believe
I’m wearing a jacket a scarf etc just off to meet my mom and
nan now though next shopping so I’m gonna go and join them guys as always
thank you so much for watching and I can’t wait for part 2 Zara try on whole
Wow and also sorry before I forget make sure you subscribe if you haven’t
already make sure you comment down below what your favorite product was your
favorite stock jacket shoes jewelry I don’t know I showed you guys so much
today so make sure you show me some love back

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  1. You really really really was filling that first coat because you didn’t want to take it off. ?Yes. Love the snake skin skirt. I love autumn fall weather. Yes. To the fitted polo shirts.

  2. Here in Chicago the Zara I go to on State does not have the collection that you guys have, it seems to me. Everything you've shown is beautiful. I will be going to Zara's today to see what I can find. Great video. Everything is my best item.

  3. That black fur coat is meee omg ? I’ve been waiting for this autumn/winter season myself ? Loved the vid because I have crap fashion sense I’m taking tips ??

  4. Great vlog!! Awww Zara is the best! And mango as well!! The best! My latest haul pieces were the best but I'll be uploading new additions to my wardrobe next week?

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