Zazzle product spotlight Patriotic Sweatshirt l Online income

Zazzle product spotlight Patriotic Sweatshirt l Online income

hello are you interested in online
products custom design products things for like t-shirts hats coffee cups that
sort of thing if so I’m gonna be doing my bi-weekly up product spotlight right
after this good morning everyone this is Karl F Rose recording live from Bedford
Pennsylvania on Thursday March 1st 2018 and today we’re gonna today spotlight is
one of my products from my Zazzle store as you can see right here the
description or the the link to my zazzle store is in the description below but
anyway that’s my homepage there let’s go to the product here it’s gonna be a
quick video just a quick thing and it’s there okay and here we are there we are
there’s the product it’s a men’s patriotic car sweatshirt and you can
find that on my store basically I shoot my images and I put them on t-shirts
cups coffee cups mugs hats all kinds of accessories and other things what I’m
getting at is I’m going to be doing these product spotlights from from what
though two weeks ago I did one from my RedBubble store today I’m doing it from
zazzle two weeks from now I will be doing one from my fine art America store
and I’ll just keep doing things like this was I did this about four years
ago this is one of my older products and anyway I just wanted to get this out
real quick the links are in the description below well that’s it I will
talk to you next time and

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